10 Characters We Want For Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

What Culture: "To celebrate the news and the hopeful possibilities that it may have, I have compiled a list of the top ten characters that I would like to see in the up-coming game. If you have any ideas for additional fighters or if you want to reply to the list below, please feel free to comment at the bottom of the article."

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CrescentFang2277d ago

X was 1st in character polls. This article wants the Classic MM despite having the picture of X...

Stealth2k2277d ago

uh we already know all the characters that are in and most of them are lame

Pikajew2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

I want a Marvel fighting game alone. I don't care about the capcom part. And it will be a fighting game like smash bros with over 100 playible characters and it gets free DLC

I rather have the new Venom

I dont read Blade comics but I am pretty sure he doesn't bite people

Ddouble2277d ago

We have Street Fighter 4, Street Fighter X Tekken, Tatsunoku vs Capcom and Marvel vs Capcom 3

It's about time we get one for just Marvel

Quagmire2277d ago

Its up to Activision for a Marvel Bros. Brawl (lol), as they own the rights to the isolated Marvel games.

noxeven2277d ago

Why are these constant wishlists flooding news now, We know whats gonna be in ultimate they aren't gonna add anymore characters unless dlc but for now its pretty much set in stone. just wait like till after ultimate out.

giovonni2277d ago

I would love to see, Cable, Sabertooth, Gambit, Sasquash, Lord Raptor, Kraken, Valgas, Cyclops, Venom, Daredevil, Rogue, and Megaman

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