Third Party Support: Part Three of Wii U Week

TheHDRoom: "One of the biggest knocks against Nintendo over the past two decades has always been the lack of third-party support on their home video game consoles. Just look at the Wii; it's a souped up GameCube with fancy motion controls that helped it become a hit, but the horsepower under the hood was a generation behind the competition. Some of today's best-selling game franchises like Call of Duty, Battlefield and Grand Theft Auto are far beyond what the Wii is capable of supporting..."

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charmer2282d ago

nintendo only need to get a few things right....third party support is coming along fine for wiiu

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jacksheen00002282d ago

well being that Wii U is gaining popularity among game developers means They know some valuable information about the specification of the Wii U. beside, why else would they be interested in the Wii U if it wasn't something that they feel can sale.We will have to wait and see how all this is going to play out.