Todd Howard's wish for the PS4, 12 pages of Skyrim scans

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim director reveals what he'd like to see for the PlayStation 4. 12 pages of PSM3's "world exclusive" are also available.

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thugbob2495d ago

I'm good with better graphics and head tracking for FPS.

Body tracking, Motion controls, etc are all just bonuses for me.

MintBerryCrunch2495d ago

features that would rarely be used if they were implemented in the machine

if you're trying to play a game of deathmatch on an FPS, then i doubt that you would pay much attention to body tracking or motion controls

there is a time for that such as when you have friends come over, but i hope that this doesnt drive up the cost of the machine if Sony is looking into expanding on this from this gen

NewMonday2495d ago

the 3D head set

nuff said

blumatt2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

PS4 MIght Continue Using the Cell architecture, Just upgraded RAM etc.

I have a feeling that Sony will simply continue using the Cell architecture so that devs. won’t have to re-learn new hardware to develop for the PS4. The PS4 will likely have a 32 SPU Cell architecture with around 4GB of RAM and an upgraded graphics card. The upgraded RAM will help out “lesser” developers like Activision to make pretty games without having to use the Cell. Bluray drives have come down in price significantly. They’ll likely use a quad layer (100GB) BR disc and a 8X or higher read time. Using similar architecture with upgraded components (BR drive and RAM) will help keep the price down and make it easy to develop for.

Also, I can see Sony offering all its games via PSN day and date with the retail disc release. You'll have the choice to buy it on disc or digitally. I'll go disc all the way myself.

If developers haven’t figured out the Cell by the time the PS4 comes out, I’d say it’s safe to say that they are lazy. lol That will have been nearly 8 years or so.

Also, another reason why they might continue using the Cell is because Sony bought back the factory that manufactures the Cell chips.

Backward Compatiblity with PS3 games will be a non-issue if they choose this route.

As far as motion control goes, I can definitely see them making an upgraded PS Eye 2.0 that is more “Kinect-like” and offers body only motion gaming. However, I think they’ll continue supporting the Move and not make a new Move controller for the PS4. The Move’s technology is already cutting edge. It’s good to see companies competing for our dollar and making new technologies even better through competition.

By doing what i just predicted, I can see Sony being able to sell the PS4 for $399, which would be very good for us gamers. The PS Vita is proof that Sony has learned its lesson about using developer unfriendly hardware and pricing their hardware too high.

Arnon2495d ago

I would rather have a lean feature than simple head tracking for my FPS titles.

SuperSaiyan42495d ago

On Kinect and I favour PS Move because you get to hold something in your hand to give you at least some feeling of you being in control. Yet as a system I favour the 360 even though I also own a 160gb PS3.

No doubt the next gen consoles will be a lot more powerful than what we have now but I hope developers actually give us some decent games to boot along with graphics.

MrBeatdown2495d ago

PS+ already has automatic downloading in some form, and Vita will have physical and digital versions, so I could see both of these happening for PS4.

With automatic downloads though, I'd like the option to download them in the background automatically when I start up the system, rather than having it automatically turn on at a specific time of the day.

HammerAndSickle2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

I would like the PS4 to arrive in 2 editions: gamer and casual.

The gamer edition should be priced at €800 and should have the power of a €1300 gaming pc(can be achieved trough mass production and manufacturer deals )

The casual should be €250. All games should be released on both systems but the games should always be in 1080p on the gamer edition(+ more AA, AF, better textures, lightning,..).

The power of a gaming pc, the user-friendliness of console. A winning combination imo.

Any questions?

thugbob2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Sounds like a great idea.

Although the casual edition would be dubbed "standard edition.

kramun2495d ago

That's a terrible idea. Seriously, that's a really bad idea. €800? I might as well just buy another pc.

thugbob2495d ago

€800 PS4 with the power of a €1300 gaming pc.

How is that bad?

HammerAndSickle2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

On the €800 gamer edition you'll get lots more value than on a €800 pc.

No need for windows, mass production, dumping prices(Sony makes their profit on games, not on hardware) will lower the price. Also games on the console are always more efficiently programmed than on pc.

This all ads up. Giving more bang for the buck than a 800 pc.

kramun2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Because it's a bad idea. People buy consoles to play games on because they will last quite a few years and they are affordable. €800 is not affordable to an average person for a console, regardless of power.

A console sold at that price would bomb. Simple as that.

And the idea for 2 editions of a console as HammerAndSickle described it would be commercial suicide for any company that decided to take that approach. The devs already spend a lot of money to make a game as it is, how much extra would it cost them to make two different editions of a game on two different editions of a console from a single manufacturer?

I don't know how you could even think it's a good idea.

EDIT:Dude that's not even close to market research. The agree and disagree button is there for people who either agree or disagree with what you have said, not for which theoretical edition of which theoretical console you want them to decide on.

HammerAndSickle2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )


Well I would buy it.

let's do a quick market research

The people here who would buy the gamer edition please agree, the people who would buy the standard please disagree

2495d ago
Arnon2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Your comment doesn't add up.

Let's start with the fact that you somehow know the value of a PS4 before anything is even announced.

PC gaming in general is cheaper. If anything, the prices of games will go up since they know they can get away with it, while PC games will remain at a $49.99 average pricetag. Let's also remember that a PC is not JUST a gaming machine. It can do millions of other tasks.

If going off of anything, by the time a PS4 launches, we'll have better hardware in our PC's, unless Sony wants to dump another ridiculous pricetag on their new system and tell everyone they need to have a second job to afford it (hint: they won't).

And lastly, games on the console are NOT more efficiently programmed. They're locked in place because of the bottleneck the consoles reach. A PC is limitless, so saying that a console title is more efficiently programmed doesn't even make sense. They might have a more steady framerate, but that's due to once again, the bottleneck.


wow..$800, bad idea is an understatement !

people have short memories... does anyone remember the original price point the ps3 launched at!

Does anyone remember how many versions there were when it launched ?

Does anyone remember the pricing being such a huge issue that sony announced a price drop for the console in Japan before the system had even Launched !! AND it got a price drop within it's first year of release over here. None of it's competitors dropped their price that quick.

Sony tried to justify it with all the tech jibberjabber.. and yes for the tech that was in it at the time the price was actually quite reasonalbe... But quite simply Gamers, GAMERS, you know the people who the machine was aimed at in the first place just could not afford it.

Remember Ken saying people would get two jobs if they had to in order to buy the PS3, well most people didn't. They just waited...and waited.. and waited until sony finally got the message and dropped the price.

$800 for a $1200 PC sure sounds great on paper, but it just won't work and I am sure sony have learned their lesson and wont be trying that again.

kreate2495d ago

wasnt both the ps3 and xbox 360 launched with 2 different editions?
both seems pretty successful to me o_0;;


@ kreate

yes they both were.

infact it was the 360 that first announced there would be 2 models. Sony first responded to the news by saying it was a bad idea and went on about how it didn't make sense. This was very early days mind you.. next thing you know sony announce they are launching 2 sku's as well. it was funny as hell at the time.

The funny thing was the difference between the 360 sku's was nothing more then the HD really.

The ps3 had a few differences such as the number of usb ports, memory slots and backwards compatibility... and sony said it was stupid to have two skus, lol.

I remember it well because everyone was like who in their right mind would want the cheaper sku, unless you were like really really short of cash. ( incase you are wondering, I picked up the 60gig unit which I still use till this day )

Anyway, thats all in the past.

The 360 is not the issue here, Sony is not the issue either. I personally believe sony have learned their lesson and I cannot imagine they would make such a mistake again.

the subject was about the sony and what we may or may not see with their next console.

As some thought it would be great if sony release two sku's on for "pro's" and one for "noobs" with differences in specs and price... I just thought I would point out history and the fact that it had been done before and the result was not great.

People are just to quick to forget the past, if sony did the same I fear it would suffer for it and quite frankly there is no need for that to happen.

Sony has more then proved this gen that they are flexible and they keep track of their fanbase. They didn't make all the best choices when this gen started but they have more then made up for it.

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Fishy Fingers2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

A consoles strength is in it's unified hardware. Multiple versions of the same console would be disastrous.

HammerAndSickle2495d ago

2 should be manageable. The architecture should be the same, the gamer edition should only have more ram and higher clock speeds. In theory a casual edition game shouldn't even be reprogrammed for the gamer edition.

PS360PCROCKS2495d ago

more ram and higher clock speeds? You're kidding me right? That wouldn't do a damn thing, you can't add AA, AF, textures and higher quality lighting from some ram and clock speeds. You know what the difference between 4GB ram in my pc and 8GB and one clock speed and the other? Um crysis 2 won't lag as much on 8gb and I get about 3-5 extra FPS. oOoOo ya thats worth hundreds of dollars more.

HammerAndSickle2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )


Crysis 2 doesn't run faster because it can't use more than 2 gig RAM as it isn't a 64 exe, like most games.

PS360PCROCKS2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

wow your kidding me right? Do you actually believe the things you type?

What are the suggested system requirements for the DX11 and/or High-Rex Textures packages?

DX11 Package Specs
o DX11 compatible graphic card with 768MB Video Memory

o 64-bit Operating System
o DX9 compatible graphic card with 768MB Memory

o 64-bit Operating System
o Fast HDD or even SSD
o Quad Core CPU
o 8GB of RAM
o DX9 compatible graphic card with 1GB Video Memory

Having both installed and active:
o 64-bit Operating System
o Fast HDD or even SSD
o Quad Core CPU
o 8GB of RAM
o DX11 compatible graphic card with 1.5GB Video Memory

maybe you should know what you're talking about before you disagree and pretend to be intelligent.

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Skynetone2495d ago

OS Version: Windows 7 64 bit 38.57%
System RAM: 4 GB 28.98%
Intel CPU Speeds: 2.3 Ghz to 2.69 Ghz 30.80%
Physical CPUs: 2 cpus 51.43%
Video Card Description: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 5.16%

According to steam this is your average pc specs

ps4/xbox will have little trouble beating the average gaming pc, for the 2 million people how buy the gamer editions of the ps4 will have very little support when it comes to games

Darkfocus2495d ago

and that average is above ps3/360 spec right now. by the time the ps4/720 launch the average will be a quad core i architecture and a 6870/480...

Darkfocus2495d ago

also it's not an's the most common hardware... 56% of cards are DX10 right now and 5.6% are DX11...

adamant7152495d ago

That's a terrible idea..

FreydaWright2495d ago

Your idea would work just as well as Communism - not well at all.

kreate2495d ago

china seems to be working out ok? o_0;;

FreydaWright2495d ago

@kreate Tell that to Tibet. Also, tell that to North Korea.

zero_cool2495d ago

casuals are still considered gamers & motion controls like playstation move don't water the experience down it makes it more fun because nobody wants to spend the time figuring out the controller layout most gamers wanna pick up & starting play it & it enhances the experience in ways you can't with a dual shock 3 controller!

peowpeow2494d ago

If you don't want to learn the ropes with games go play pong

Chocoboh2495d ago

No you're wrong and stupid. If sony wanted to name a casual system it would be called the PS3. No use making 2 system with different specs. God damn n4g and people with no brain now a days.

zero_cool2494d ago

This is coming from somebody that can't even make an intelligent response & resorts to insulting people instead!

zero_cool2494d ago

Also Games are suppose to fun to pick up & play not home work!

ThrazN72495d ago

worst idea ever! dev's and publisher's would hate it. and so would sony

Jamaicangmr2494d ago

Sorry clicked disagree by accident but i whole heatedly agree.

Jamaicangmr2494d ago

i've heard some ridiculous ideas in my life but you seriously have thought this one through.

That would destroy the PlayStation brand completely.

What you are talking about is the problem with this console generation. We need 1 unified console one box across the board. Reasonably priced around $400, one box for everyone.

tee_bag2422494d ago

@ HammerandSickle - what you proposing about 2 ps4's:
Low spec 250 bucks and a
High spec 850 bucks allowing extra AA etc.

With all due respect that is the most rubbish idea iv heard.
That means you could buy 3 low tech consoles and a launch
game for the same price as the High spec - that for an extra 600 bucks
will only sort out a few jaggies and HD installs.

Without even mentioning developing issues do I really need to go into this or are you starting to see the workings of a bad idea.
Of course market would have the last say, but using your disagree's as a crystal ball I'd say.. " keep brainstorming tiger"

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WhiteLightning2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

I don't think were quite there yet fully downloading games. Besides I bet I'm not the only one who likes to have a game I can hold in my hands. Arcade/PSN games are fine but not full games.

I hope when the PS4 comes out it dosen't have any motion device along with it. Fair enough AFTER the consoles have come out but having motion controls in the box when you buy a next gen thanks, I don't want to pay for crap I'm not going to use.

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