CyberConnect2′s CEO Would Be Happy To Work On "Mega Man Legends 3"

Capcom partnered with Solatorobo creator and Naruto: Ultimate Ninja developer CyberConnect2 to create Asura’s Wrath. It’s a brand new intellectual property where you play as an enraged demigod who gets beat down by planet-sized bosses before turning the fight around with a dramatic comeback.

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Godmars2902501d ago

Have a strong feeling that little would be used of what little has really been seen of the game, but Cyber has already proven themselves.

Capcom, as obvious that you don't only wish to crap over the franchise, the best next thing you could do is turn it over to someone who cares about it. Who - and I can't emphasize this enough - who will make you money. Take the hit should they fail.

wwm0nkey2501d ago

Well Capcom doesnt want to do it so might as well let them do it, Capcom really would have nothign to loose by letting another company spend $$$ on it and Capcom could atleast get some of their fans back.

noxeven2501d ago

if they did id hope it come out on 360 and ps3, screw 3ds excusivity

SonyNGP2500d ago

They'll give it to Ninja Theory. *trollface*