Catherine Review [Game Rant]

Game Rant's William Case writes: "Catherine, successfully balances enjoyable puzzles with real-world themes rarely addressed in the industry. The combination of meaningful character drama, challenging gameplay, as well as an sharp and well-written storyline, are worth anyone’s time – well, only those with the maturity and patience to appreciate the non-traditional title. Plus, with its ever-changing morality system, the titles has plenty of replay value."

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SuperSaiyan42435d ago

Read my mind that is exactly what I have been thinking since I have been seeing this Catherine game all over the place. So far it seems like a raunchy typical pervy Japanese game...Yet another reason to me saying developers have lost ideas on making great games like they used to.

Instead we get shit like this and it gets great reviews *sigh*

Lovable2435d ago

You probably never played any SMT games made by Atlus huh based on the ignorance of your post.

Pozzle2435d ago

Catherine is proof developers are losing ideas? This is one of the few games in existence that deals with cheating on your loved one and the consequences a person faces after doing it. It isn't just raunchy for the sake of being raunchy (there isn't any nudity or sex scenes in the whole game, for that matter). There's a point behind the 'sexy' plot.

CrescentFang2435d ago

I just hope this game doesn't have any problems that escalates into anything... Shin Megami Tensei games and Persona are already highly controversial, but thank god that their not mainstream... Atlus doesn't need to take any of this crap. It should stay like this...