GameSpot Gives 9/10 to Call of Duty 4

The single-player campaign is over in a flash, but the high quality of that campaign and its terrific multiplayer options make Call of Duty 4 a fantastic package.

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MK_Red4060d ago

Another low and stupid score form GameSpot. COD4 deserves 9.5/10 at the very least. Halo 3 had a short singleplayer but a superb multiplayer and GameSpot gave them 9.5/10. Now COD4 also has a short singleplayer but a superb multiplaye plus some of the best graphics on any console/PC (Won graphics award at E3) and yet they give it 9.0/10?

Danja4060d ago

it's Gamespot did you expect ne better it was there job to help hype Halo 3 out of this about's not 5hrs as said..and I think a game like this doesn't need a long SP..actually..cuz online is why I bought it and im sure alot of others did also for this option...

it deserves a 9.7...and nothing lower gone to the bots..!!

TheHater4060d ago

It gamespot what do you expect?

solar4060d ago

i heart gamespot. or do i....::twilight zone song starts playing::

ThichQuangDuck4060d ago

Seriously I am here to say Halo 3 was not as revolutionary as Halo 2 infact Halo 2 has better maps. I feel Halo 3 should of gotten a 9.0 and Call of duty 4 a 9.5 i wish they were on there old scale that went up by point 1 that was good.

socomnick4060d ago

This is the only good review I have seen for cod 4. I think reviewers have been giving games way to high scores. Call of duty deserves no more than 9 in my book the sp being 5 hours is inexcusable.

Kleptic4060d ago

yeah that was Jeff Gerstmann...who reviewed Halo 3...which makes Halo 3 getting a 9.5 even more retarded...

w/e...halo 3 is great...but visually can't hold a candle to this...the multiplayer in CoD 4 is actually way more fun than I thought it would be, and I thought it would be pretty fun...if that makes any sense...

only issues for me though...apparently you can't customize your character's outfit? clothes/armor and stuff? just automatically does it based on rank?...thats a little weak if you ask me...unless it is something that gets unlocked later (only played 5 matches so far, just a level 6 Corporal or something)...

and also...why noself character shadowing?...the lighting is amazing, but its very noticable for me to be under a bright light in a hall way, and have no shadow from my character...the shadows from enemies and teammates are absolutely gorgeous...but not seeing your own sort of hurts the overall realism at times...

great game though...the campaign is among the most intense FPS games I have ever played...and plenty challenging on even medium...will definitely be getting 50+ hours hours out of the online aspect easily...

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pwnsause4060d ago

isnt the PS3 version confirmed to play in 1080p, cause they said this in the second page:

"Despite claiming 1080p support on the back of the box, COD 4 appears to run in 720p on the PlayStation 3. Either way, you'd be hard-pressed to tell it apart from its Xbox 360 counterpart. And all versions control just fine, making the decision over which version to buy totally dependent on which controller you like the most."


MK_Red4060d ago

It IS confirmed but this is GameSpot and they don't care. They didn't even tried to fully check it. Seriously, what kind of reviewer says "COD 4 appears to run in 720p on the PlayStation 3". Appears!?? For C's sake, you are the REVIEWER and you have to make sure wether it supports or not. But no, this is the laze GameSpot and they don't care to check PS3 COD4 on another TV.

Charlie26884060d ago

damn you MK_Red I was about to say that!!!

I mean being a SUPER serious site shouldn't they like CHECK that! I mean if a fan site was able to confirm the res it runs in should GS be able to do it too?

Lazy [email protected] >.>

MK_Red4060d ago

"I mean if a fan site was able to confirm the res it runs in should GS be able to do it too? "

Superb point. I hadn't thought of it this way. Seriously, a fan site can find out but a serious review site doesn't bother? They really need to change management and fire all current staff.

jackdoe4060d ago

Seriously, why doesn't gamespot check facts before they write a review? If they aren't sure about it, don't write it or check it out. Jeez, this has just further shown me the unprofessionalism of Gamespot reviews.

gtgcoolkid4060d ago

Its because they are morons.

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Sevir044060d ago

is that only the PS3 version of the game was reveiwed, i just checked the 360 section but it hasn't been released yet. now i'm begining to wonder are they gonna give the 360 fanbase something to war about and Dare be baised AGAIN and give the 360 version a 9.5/10 versus the PS3 version because then you'd know that they are out to get and hate sony. as it's been confirmed that every review has said it's identical on all platforms.

MK_Red4060d ago

They didn't have the guts for another fanboyish stunt. Here is the 360 review:

MK_Red4060d ago

Also, WTF! They didn't give it the "Outstanding Visual Design" medal/award, something that they gave to Jericho. COD'4 art design was praise during E3 by many including GT and many people are calling it's animation and art among the best of 2007 and yet GameSpot does not want to give that the artistic award.

big_tim4060d ago

There is not a splitscreen online multiplayer. This is a huge let down for me. I enjoy playing online just me on the machine, but I enjoy having some buddies over to play multi player online more. This is the same on the PS3 and Xbox 360. That is the main reason I got rid of call of duty 2. They do have 4 player split screen off-line, but that is it.

When the beta came out the question was posed as to if splitscreen was going to be in the final version. They told us it would and now it isn't.

I will still get the game, but will end up playing Halo 3 or Warhawk more because of the lack in split screen.

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