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Submitted by strugler 1589d ago | news

KOF 95 has surprisingly good netcode

The King Of Fighters 95's netcode, compared to kof 94's one, is FANTASTIC. Pretty much all the games i played were lagless and smooth. The presentation of the game itself is quite good, the inclusion of the ingame manual (including those rare SNK drawings) idea is genius, and the game is arcade perfect.

The only drawback right now is that not a whole lot of people bought the game, fearing it is the same netcode, and lazy SNK did not promote this new netcode not even one bit. So sometimes i will be the only person online waiting for challengers. (PS3)

Peaceful_Jelly  +   1590d ago
I was going to buy the Neo-Geo pack off the PSN for $80 but to test it out first I bought only Samurai Shodown and the netcode was so horrible... It was even worse than KOFXII's netcode, the game was simply unplayable.

Too bad my PS3 died if not I would have bought this one.
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