The Top 5 Games that Failed the Hype in 2010

BT: Where there are games that exceeded the hype, there are also the games that fail to meet the expectations of the public. These games, while initially amazing in the pre-release cycle, is released to either very mixed reviews or is seen to being an ultimately terrible title. Seeing an AAA title fall to this fate is very disheartening, especially if you are, or were, a diehard fan of the franchise, but it isn’t impossible.

The year of 2010 was no exception, seeing many high class titles see a fall from grace, and in this age of the gaming generation, such a failure can doom future titles unless drastic action is taken. Some of the titles on this list are on the rebound, trying to make up some lost ground with the fans, but others are now completely MIA from their respective consoles. That’s not to say that these franchises are gone for good, but their last title definitely left people wanting.

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Motorola2429d ago

About Heavy Rain. "Yet while the game play was widely viewed as a bore..." Thats kind of wrong isn't it?

rabidpancakeburglar2429d ago

Yes and no. It was fun enough first time around but if you tried to play it more than once then it could drive you to suicide.

MysticStrummer2429d ago

I played it multiple times and thought it was great every time, though the plot holes become more apparent when you do that and obviously you know who the killer is. To me "failing the hype" is not living up to critical and/or commercial expectations. Heavy Rain surpassed both, so it doesn't belong on this list.

paintsville2428d ago

Heavy Rain
Fallout New Vegas
Need for Speed

Xof2429d ago

Heavy Rain has its fanboys, but most (experienced) gamers are able to admit that for a game focusing on narrative, the writing left a LOT to be desired.

And keep in mind that most of the hype was flat-out wrong. It was touted as being unique and innovative by young gamers and young game journalists who were willfully ignorant of gaming history, failing to realize that in the past there was a lot more variety to games than variations of "shooting stuff."

And, of course, no game ever lives up to the hype. Hype is just advertising, there to make sure sales are up and up. Then you get these profoundly stupid gamers who decide to volunteer to aide the marketing campaign by going on extensive advertising campaigns themselves, badmouthing anyone who dares to criticize the game. This makes the hype balloon and balloon.

Notice how no one really talks about Starcraft II any more? That's because it was a mediocre game. Yet in those first few weeks, you couldn't give it anything but praise without having fanboys bite your head off. Hell, you know GameFAQs? A number of well-written user reviews were flat-out deleted for giving the game well-articulated, critical reviews. A number of users were even banned. It was absurd.

Everything is like that these days. Hype from the media isn't the problem--it's hype from the users. Like the faggots who will flame me and click "disagree" until there fingers bleed because SC2 is, like, teh bestestsest game ever.

Ser2428d ago

Pfft, I love the elitist "most (experienced) gamers" comment.

I'm an "experienced" gamer (19 years of experience beginning with Super Mario Bros.) and I loved Heavy Rain.

LadyGaga2428d ago

And I loved Two Worlds, Drakblack. But, a turd's a turd.

2428d ago
Canary2428d ago

Very true.

Most gamers can't see past the slick presentation.

Either that or the people who love Heavy Rain just have really, really low standards. Kind of funny how all of the people disagreeing with you are saying crap like, "I love the game," or, "It was a good game," without addressing the chief complaint--poor writing.

Look, guys, I love my share of stuff with shit writing... but a narrative-based game (that's nothing but a string of QTEs) NEEDS to have a really strong story and well-written dialog (not to mention acting) to back that up. Heavy Rain lacked all three of these things.


You have shitty standards. Read more, play more games, and get back to me.

And not "any" books or games, you know, your standards won't get any better if you only experience the same crap!

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Infernostew2429d ago

Hah, Heavy Rain was one of my favorite titles of last year. Different strokes, I guess.

2429d ago
MrBeatdown2429d ago

I was expecting it to be #1.

I absolutely loved Crackdown 1. But then I played the demo for Crackdown 2 and thought it was awful. I look at a game like Kane and Lynch on this list, and wonder what people were expecting, considering the first game was average at best. Crackdown set the bar high and Crackdown 2 fell far short of that.

coolbeans2428d ago

"...and Crackdown 2 fell far short of that."

You only state that you played the demo for Crackdown 2. How are you able to determine it's true quality without playing the retail game?

MrBeatdown2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )


I'm just talking about the basic core gameplay. Just driving and shooting within the first few minutes of the demo felt poor. With the Crackdown 1 demo, I was in love within seconds, and I felt the same way about the final game. Going into the Crackdown 2 demo and expecting to love it, I was almost immediately disappointed.

I don't think elements that basic would be any better in the final version.

Blaze9292428d ago

Crackdown 2 had hype? Original fans were bashing that game since its announcement trailer and new development studio

Cpt_kitten2429d ago

aw man this list is really bad

fable 3 was awesome and much better than 2
Heavy Rain was edge of seat great
medal of honor had a great story behind it and i can't wait for the sequal
and FF13 was awesome but then again not many people took the time to understand the story that was right in front of them

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