Sony Offering Additional Incentives to Renew PlayStation Plus Membership

Following the external intrusion and subsequent downtime of the PlayStation Network this spring, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) offered gamers a ‘Welcome Back’ package consisting of their choice of games from a small selection, and a short subscription to the PlayStation Plus programme for free. With the intention of keeping you invested in the PlayStation Plus services, SCE has today revealed a number of additional bonuses being offered to gamers who renew their subscription in the near future.

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Kurisu2374d ago

This offer doesn't tempt me back in the slightest!

Kee2374d ago

Nah, me neither. Another 3 months isn't bad. I'll be renewing, anyway.

NewMonday2374d ago

i noticed that many on my friend list re-subscribed to PSN+ after the free month ended.

before it was just me and 3 others, now its over 10 subscribers.

Lifendz2374d ago

If North America ever gets all the Fallout 3 DLC like EU got, then I'm back in.

blumatt2373d ago

Yeah, I've noticed that as well. It was genius as hell of Sony to give everyone a free month of PS+. They gave them a taste of it and now some are buying a full year's worth. If you play more games than just CoD all the time, and like to play alot of different genres of games and arcade games, PS+ is a great deal for you. You get tons of free games and discounts. The Cloud saving is cool. And the best feature is the Automatic Download feature where you can set the PS3 to turn itself on in the middle of the night and download all the new patches for your games and turn itself off. Then, the next time you turn on your PS3, it tells you which patches it downloaded.

ABizzel12373d ago

Don't forget to buy Borderlands GOTY edition with all the DLC's for $14.99 before this Tuesday. That's a deal you can't pass up, if you like shooters, but haven't played Borderlands do yourself a favor and pick this game up tomorrow.

The game is best played with friends, but it's one of the best co-op experiences this gen.

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Blaze9292374d ago

When my PS+ subscriptions ends I doubt I'll be renewing until they add some more features rather than services and content. Features people want. Hard thing about content is that not everyone will like the content and I find myself in that position every month they announce the PS+ update. Paying for stuff I don't even want to download.

Save back up is nice but since that first day it was launched I never used it. Auto download is cool but really, not groundbreaking. The rest are just discounts and content.

This incentive here is nothing to jump at all.

But hey, just my opinion.

Elimin82374d ago

I could not have said this any better.. Those are my exact sentiments.. For those who love it? More power. I am yet to benefit from it. I even got burnt with the welcome back package.. Shit I already own...

Heartnet2374d ago

Features is what people want but thats not what ps+ is about...

Every1 shud get the features... otherwise itd be turning into XBL :L

Lifendz2374d ago

What features would you want? X-game chat? An improved xmb exclusively available to plus members? Not trying to troll btw, just curious as to what features the people that are asking for features would like to see.

KwietStorm2374d ago

Right, there is always gonna be an update that doesn't appease someone, but I've been subscribed since the program started, and seeing as I've gotten my money back 3 times over, everything I'm downloading is free anyway, so I can't complain much. More features would definitely be nice, but overall it's gotten better since it started.

pixelsword2373d ago

@ blaze

Features are generally free (free online gameplay, free internet browser, etc.); besides, if social features weren't free you'd be using them only with other subscribers.

Besides, what features are you talking about?

Slapshot822373d ago

Just in case you didn't catch it, there are quite a few services that you do get with PS+.

- NHL GameCenter may a first looked stripped completely at first, but you can watch every games highlights and score tracking with only the PS+ subscription, compared the the expensive GameCenter subscription.

- Music Unlimited also nets you a Free 6-month trial for PS+ members.

- Filmy
- Hulu Plus, and more...

I know it's nothing to jump around about, but it's still nice additions to a service that I thought that I would only just for discounted games. :)

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paintsville2374d ago

I was going to renew anyway. But I'll be doing it with a prepaid CC or Playstaion Network prepaid card. No way I'm giving them my CC again.

Heartnet2374d ago

why u can remove it straight after.. and has any money gone from ur account? No? then no harm done

Anon19742374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

I am renewing, without a doubt. I never thought PSN+ was about features, I always thought it was about the content and the features were just a nice bonus. For me, Stacking, Wipeout, Sonic 1 & 2, Critter Crunch - these were just a few of my favorite freebies - plus I was already a Qore subscriber before. On top of that I've taken advantage of a tonne of the discounts available.
And the cloud saves are great. I own 2 PS3's and it's nice to be able to play my games in the other room when the wife is watching a show or something I'm not into.

And I have no issue with my credit card being online. One thing the whole hacking thing proved was that Sony takes care of credit card information. These were all safely encoded and even then Sony still offered a one year fraud protection plan. That's how you do it.

Compare that to what happened at Citibank. They were hacked, it took them a month to tell anyone, 2.7 million dollars was stolen from credit cards, 200,000 cards had to be replaced and all this happened when the media was falling all over themselves to condemn Sony while no one said boo over the theft of real money. Go figure.

I will happily renew my PSN+. Excellent service for those who love downloadable content like myself.

Knushwood Butt2374d ago

I've only just signed up for a year of Plus, but so far I'm pretty happy with it.

Cloud Save was actually one of the main reasons for me. I can transfer the saves easily between my PS3s, and it also works for saves that you can't normally backup to USB or whatever.

The rest is just a bonus really.

Kur02374d ago

You don't even have a PS3 so don't bother, Paintdouche.

insomnium22373d ago


Thanks for pointing out the thing with citybank. I didn't even know that. It shows who the beloved bad guy of the media really is even today. There's no was Sony can ever win is there.....?

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NewZealander2374d ago

yeah i would rather throw my cash down the toilet, PS+ is a huge rip off.

discounts on content i probably dont even want, and rentals of games i either own, am not interested in, or are minis.

and as for free themes etc, yeah they are always ugly, non game related trash.

thanks for the welcome back package and free games sony, but im not renewing your rental service.

elmaton982374d ago

I agree but I get more with ps+ than xbl so I dont mind paying for the service and please don't come saying that xbl has better online 'cause i have both and both suck.

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SuperSaiyan42374d ago

There is no way I can justify paying £40 a year just for some games that ONLY work whilst I am a PSN plus member.
I can justify Xbox Live as although I can get a 12month for £31.99 I get an awesome party chat system, cross game invites, great interface, very nice tempting deals and everything works awesomely with a simple push of the guide button.

Sony need to seriously overhaul their interface in general it is not userfriendly and include a lot more useable features in order to justify the £40 a year asking price.

KingSlayer2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

You've never used a PS3, have you?

Cloud storage is great. Auto updates are great. The discounts are great. The access to betas is great. The free games (for the most part) are good. I don't bitch at Netflix for not letting me keep the movies, so why bitch about PS+? I'm simply not going to pay to chat, message, MP game or use services free elsewhere.

Elimin82374d ago

Like your argument but still not worth it if you buy games often... Cloud save is neat for people like me who got burnt with their PS3 braking down or stolen but not a real incentive to join/purchase,, And what's up with Sony only offering Sega games for free? Might as well buy sega.. I'm all for classic games but they promised a Psn game, a mini, avatar, free betas, dynamic theme and a ps1.. All they seem to be offering are a shit load of minis and not everyone gets into their beta....... Can'y wait for My PSN+ to expire...!

Shepherd 2142373d ago

Services free elsewhere? PSN doesnt have two of those services you mentioned, and thats the point.

For someone like me who values my friends so dearly, cross game chat and invites are important for me. Sometimes i wont even bother staying online if none of my friends are on.

The N4G community must keep around shitty friends or really havent used the XBL service or something because they act like four guys in party chat who dont all have to have the same exact game to chat and have a relaxed evening is such a stupid idea.

KingSlayer2373d ago

I don't play games to chat with friends. That's why I'm playing a game. Phones are good things.

kingslayer10002374d ago

can't justify xbox live it's just not possible

Heartnet2374d ago

8-) your Trolling and now ur attempt to has failed :)

radphil2374d ago

"There is no way I can justify paying PSN plus member."

"I can justify Xbox Live "

"great interface"

"works awesomely with the simple push of the guide button"


elmaton982374d ago

Out of all the thing you mentions the cross game chat is the only thing that different between xbl and psn and besides ps3 user won't have it till next gen, I mean psvita will have it, so don't bring itbout as one of the main feature cause please I like my privacy and don't like idiot to join my party chat when I don't wan't them to.

eclectified2373d ago

Party chat is not as invasive as you seem to believe.

1. If you don't want to be in a party chat you don't have to start or join one.

2. If you start a private chat, you can set it as invite only and kick anyone out that you don't want.

3. Regardless of whose chat you're in, you can mute others so you don't have to hear them.

I really wish Sony would (or could?) implement cross game chat for the ps3. I also wish Sony would add the ability to sign in as invisible. Sometimes I just don't want to play with anyone on my friends list. :p

As for the main topic... I already renewed. I can enjoy the free add-ons while the games are still relevant and if I choose not to renew later, it'll likely be after I've gotten bored of the games anyways.

kikizoo2373d ago

Dumb xtrolls can justify paying for nothing more than psn (except useless crosschat), but not for tons of free games, betas, services, etc LOL.

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KingSlayer2374d ago

"Meh" offer, but I'm still renewing. 15 months it is.

TheMART2374d ago

That 12+3 deal was up for months already.

Whats new to make PS+ deal better?

SuperStrokey11232374d ago

Actually the 12+3 deal ended like 10 days ago. I know cause i got it then

TheTwelve2374d ago

Playstation Plus is best appreciated by people who are on their PS3 a LOT. Like me. I'm enjoying the service very much.


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