Gamer Euphoria: Call of Duty – What Have You Become?

Gamer Euphoria staff member Sean write:

''I was a big Call of Duty fan; the first game in the franchise blew me away with its intense action and focus on set pieces. It had more soul and power to it compared to its then rival Medal of Honour – it also had a more enjoyable single player and multiplayer experience to offer. The expansion pack Untied Offensive is one of my most favored first person shooters, it built upon the foundations laid by Call of Duty and increased the action to a new level. The opening sequence placed players right in the middle of the Battle of the Bulge and was the perfect example of top notch action, fantastic presentation and audio and an odd sense of drama and panic. The multiplayer was improved upon with the addition of vehicles, deployable machine guns and large maps plus a rank system. It was an expansion pack that was full to the brim with improvements and additions and in my eyes is a true classic. Call of Duty 2 took the action from the previous titles and polished it up which resulted in a more intense and gritty experience with a bigger focus on set pieces. While the multiplayer was still solid and played slightly better the overall experience (at least in my opinion) was not as good as United Offensive nor did it feel as deep. Call of Duty 2 was the last great action first person shooter set in World War 2, sure Call of Duty 3 came after it but it tended to feel rather alien from the rest of the franchise, and thus the next logical step was modern day combat.''

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hiredhelp2436d ago

Finally somebody who actually knows cod the way i once knew itband feels the sameway.
Not forgetting the rolling credits were they thanks the fallen heros.
Not same game period. Cos it did feel intense it drew you in. It felt like a bloody war game too awsome games.

bumnut2436d ago

I loved the B17 bomber level, trying to fend the german fighters off was cool.

Also there were several part in Unitied Offensive where you manned a machine gun and literally panicked because so many soldiers were charging you.

good times, not sure where it went wrong :(

hiredhelp2435d ago

Think its was the devs . New recruits then testing the waters on call of duty 4,
Witch i beleave would of been ok if they didnt have perks.
But once it hit consoles i never had same feel of call of duty.

Hicken2435d ago

Call of Duty has become a cash grab. Pure and simple.

bwazy2434d ago

Well the sheep needed a Sheep Herder.