Video Game Violence And Why Its O.K.

Video Game violence has been a very touchy subject, especially as of late with California single-handedly trying to erase it, and the MATURE rating is just about the only rating we see any more.

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NealCaffrey2527d ago

I don't see anything wrong with video game violence, but I do see where kids may get the wrong idea, that's why just don't buy M games for your kids.

LOGICWINS2527d ago

"but I do see where kids may get the wrong idea, that's why just don't buy M games for your kids."

If your kid can't distinguish between real world violence and video game violence by the age of 10...then somewhere along the line you screwed up as a parent.

Its no different than teaching your kid that its wrong to steal or lie.

DaTruth2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

The last time an article like this came up; someone brought up the fact that videogame violence is hardly regulated in the US, yet pornographic content is heavily regulated in the US! I've since realized that the violence in movies and videogames is entirely fake, while the pornographic content in movies is entirely real!

That bullet wasn't real and never penetrated that skull! But that d#@$ was real, and absolutely penetrated that v#$%$#@! Although this is not the case with videogames!

So when watching violence on TV, videogames and movies with your kids, you can point and say that's not real; but you cannot tell them that pornography isn't real, because it absolutely is. I often wonder how two people being solicited for sex on screen isn't prostitution; they are being paid to have sex!

jacksheen00002527d ago

Actually,It has been said by several Researchers that Video Game Violence has helped brought the crime rate down.

Quagmire2526d ago

People forget that instead of having your kid out in the street in gangs, doing drugs or causing crime, they instead stay at home, under your supervision, indulging in simulated stylised yet harmless violence.

jacksheen00002526d ago

I agree, but they don't see it...look at the JAPS; they don't have this issue because of video Game violence. And If anything,movies, books,regular TV broadcast has the same amount of Violence if you ask me. So Violence can be learn from any source these days. The ones who are against Video Game Violence got it all twisted.who knows, maybe someday, they'll finally get it.