PEOWW - Captain America (Xbox 360) review

Another day, another film tie-in. @PEOWW take a look at Captain America, the game of the film of the comic that nobody reads.

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morganfell2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

The review get's 1 click out of 10. One of the worst ever. As shallow and as vapid as they come. Overly wrought sentences that strain to be hip and fail miserably. This so called review is a scant 7 paragraphs or so and they are meager at that. Someone had too much time at the bus stop.

Not to mention the author is actually wrong on several points. Add to this the writer has absolutely no concept of what is entailed in a platformer or in platforming. Assassin's Creed is hardly a platformer nor does it have platforming. This incompetent article espouses the belief that if there is jumping from one location to another it must be platforming. Jumping...does not equal platforming.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating and all one need do is look at the average user score for this title to see that this review is completely out of sync with the gaming public pulse. The writer can say what he wants but user scores at various sites make this fact irrefutable.