The Ten Achievement Titles That Everyone Wants

Check out the greatest achievements you can get right now

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agentxk2581d ago

A monument to all your sins is one of my favorites. It just sounds awesome.

QuantumWake2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

I hated playing Halo: Reach on Legendary by myself. One of the most frustrating moments in my gaming life. Instant death after instant death. Not to mention the Elites just laugh at everything you throw at them.

The skirmishers & buggers were a b**ch! I'm not kidding. When they travel in a pack it's almost impossible to kill all of them without wasting almost all of your assault rifle ammo or at least trying to do an overcharge plasma bolt. Brutes were fairly easy since a DMR in the head after taking off their helmet did the trick.

After I got the achievement I felt that I had no life but at the same time I felt accomplished I overcame such a feet. To all of you going to try Legendary on your own sometime, good luck. Cause I wasn't really the patient type at the time. lol

xVeZx2581d ago

the only part that i thought was tough was the end were you had to fight like 5 waves of guys and then fight those red elites inside that warehouse on your way to the big gun...

QuantumWake2581d ago


I remember that part. Where one of the Elites had dual-wielded plasma rifles and one had a fuel rod cannon.

Heck, manning the MAC gun itself was frustrating. You had waves upon waves of dropships and banshees killing you fast as heck.

I apologize if I'm spoiling to much for some of you. :/

xVeZx2581d ago

beat the meatflag and seriously 2.0 were the only 2 achievements i didnt get in gears 2 out of the original 50 that were there...oh veteran gear also...

Chocoboh2581d ago

I like achievements.. it's what made it mainstream and brought us trophies on the psn

pretty cool

M1chl2580d ago

What ybout 2 Cups 1 Girl from DiRT2? : )