Final Fantasy XIII-2 Will Be Square Enix's Redemption

Why Square Enix will pull it back after previous disappointment

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blitz0x2433d ago

I really hope so. Almost everything they do as a sequel felt fail-y, and I would love to see square back where they used to be in respect.

agentxk2433d ago

Yeah, the sequel bit does scare the hell out of me

agentxk2433d ago

This game is more of a fan service this time around. They are giving us what are asking for so if this one bombs, it may be on us, the fans, a little.

rabidpancakeburglar2433d ago

Well obviously it will be on the fans, these articles get infested by a tonne of people who hate on the game despite that it is including everything that they wanted from XIII, if the game bombs it's because they didn't buy it. Their loss.

Daver2433d ago

"Fan service this time around" really? For me that sounds more like we need to get money back from this engine that took us years to get 1 game out.

rabidpancakeburglar2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

So much hate, I'm officially giving up on commenting on FFXIII-2 articles until the reviews are out.

baker_boi2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Yeah but the battle system still sucks. I cant change characters in mid battle, if the person that is set as the leader dies it's gameover, phoenix downs are pretty much useless and so are all other healing items, I cant even fight goon fodder without paradigm shifting(which is garbage all together), and the leveling/status raising system is SEVERELY limited compared to other Final Fantasies.

ALL this has to be fixed before I can say, OK, GO for FF13-2. And as I already see, none of it has been fixed.

You can't just give me a superficial walk through town and say, "All better :D DERP!"

I want a Final Fantasy game, not Paradigm Enigma.

Just give me


And lets just call it a day Square damn. Let me decide how I want to play the game. I don't need you to do it for me.

Just the fact alone that ATTACK is a skill!? COT DAMN MAN! Somebody doin somethin wrong over there at SE.

no_more_heroes2433d ago

The sad thing is, people on here will still hate it no matter how good it is, because they hated FF XIII so much and it was such a blasphemous sin (well that's the impression I'm getting).

Spenok2431d ago

Yeah and people bitched about things that they praise in others... or at least dont bitch about in other games. Sure, it wasnt the best FF ever, but it was still worth playing.

Kurisu2433d ago

I didn't hate FFXIII, but I didn't love it. I'm going to go in to FFXIII-2 with an open mind ^^

blitz0x2433d ago

Well, let's hope others do the same. Also, let's hope its not a total letdown.

Kurisu2433d ago

Hopefully, but I do think that XIII put a lot of people off. We'll soon see.

From what I've seen / heard, FFXIII-2 is already an improvement, what with the more open maps, cinematic actions, live trigger etc. But of course we don't know the story...that could make or break the game.

Also I'm hoping for a party of more than 2 characters + a monster slot.

Cal6642433d ago

As hard as it can be you have to go into every game trying to ignore the hype whether it be good or bad. If you decided to buy it you have to make your own choices. Does help if the game is genuinely good too though fingers crossed all round on this one i think.

dragonknight42433d ago

You will go into FFXIII-2 with an open mind and pay your $60. By the time you realize what a crappy game it is, SE will already have your $60 sale and vote.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...

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