Remembering Pac-Man on the Atari 400

When Glossy Eyed was a kid all they wanted more than anything was an Atari 2600, just like the one their best friend had hooked up to the one television they had in their house. Unfortunately for Glossy Eyed, Rachel lived further away than they were allowed to ride on their pink Huffy, so it was only about every other weekend when they would hunker down in front of the state-of-the-art 20-inch screen playing Combat until their parents came down the split-level stairs to catch Barbara Walters and Hugh Downs on 20/20. Alas, their dreams were thwarted when one Christmas their dad presented their sister and them with a big shared gift that year: An Atari 400 computer. A COMPUTER. Because he wanted them to learn something about this upcoming home computing revolution he'd read about in Popular Science. The computer came with some kind of drawing program that their dad referred to as a "game," and Glossy Eyed dutifully occupied their Christmas drawing multi-colored circles. As much as they tried to hate that computer, Glossy Eyed will confess that they did learn a thing or two about programming, mainly because they enjoyed making the computer respond with obscenities whenever they typed the right BASIC command.

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