Next Media Molecule game to be 'risky and experimental'

The next game from LittleBigPlanet developer Media Molecule will be "risky and experimental, according to art director Kareem Ettouney.

But it may be a bit early to get your hopes up, as the studio's next project is still at the nucleus stage of its life.

"What we do is very much a continuation of our experimental... [approach]," said Ettouney, speaking to at the Develop Conference in Brighton this week.

"We like risks, we like experimentation, we like to try to impress ourselves, and each other. Without going into [specifics], because we're still very much at a nucleus stage, what we do at this stage is we just put our development hats on, and produce and draw and make prototypes, think and look at the world around us and respond to that."

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ksense2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

looks like a 2013 release then. Hope we hear more stuff for 2012 soon. Gamescom and TGS need to deliver after a boring E3.

Rynx2551d ago

Yeah I agree. I want NEW information or NEW games shown. So if SONY doesn't announce a release date for Vita, or any NEW upcoming games for it. Then gamescom will be as boring as E3. Same goes for NEW PS3 games, if they just touch on Uncharted 3 beta statistics and Resistance 3, Twisted Metal and so forth then it will be a fail, I know as much as I care to know about all those game. I will be getting each of them day 1 so I don't care to hear anymore of them, just bring out the guns for 2012 already.

StarWolf2551d ago

they want to promote and SELL their upcoming games before talking about their future incomplete games.

2551d ago
Nate-Dog2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

@Starwolf: You might think that but knowing Sony that'll be the last thing they do. They've always been terrible at marketing their games, even the big titles like Uncharted which the fans hype themselves.

@Apophis: I sort of agree. I got an X360 around December last year and basically only use it for the Mass Effect series. I played Gears of War and it just didn't click with me and played FIFA a bit when I had my free month of Xbox Live but that was it. E3 was very disappointing although I've heard from other people that they've been dealing with that for a few years now. The Witcher II and Mass Effect 3 will be good for me in the next few months but it's not much compared to the amount of titles I wish I could afford coming out for PS3 too.

MaideninBlack2551d ago

thatgamecomapany, Team Ico and Media Molecule are 3 of the most innovative developers out there. They never stop to follow the crowd, they make a new one.

b163o12551d ago

Add Atlus to that list and you got my favorite developers.......

Urrakia342550d ago

Atlus or do you mean From Software? Honest question.

The Great Melon2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Indeed those are some great companies. Each of them are willing to take risks and release games that are unique and have character.

Forbidden_Darkness2551d ago

Rockstar are no where near innovative, they just make pretty good games.

manman62551d ago

That is good thing to hear. We need more developers that are not scared to take a little risk.

shammgod2551d ago

Good, I am confident these guys will put out quality

Miiikeyyy2551d ago

Good luck Media Molecule! I'm confident you'll create something awesome :D

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