TGV: Yes! More Yes for Rock Band 3 next week!

Ready for some finger-bleeding? YOU SHOULD BE. Well, I hope you’ve been working your hands, because joining the already-difficult “Roundabout” from the on-disc Rock Band 3 setlist, you’ll be getting a face-full of Prog Rockers Yes.

All songs will be master tracks, include some SERIOUS harmonies and keyboard-age for extra-brutal finger “exercises,” and not one, but TWO songs will come with PRO Upgrades for Guitar and Bass. All this coming at you on July 26th!

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Moduserous2528d ago

I always confuse these guys with Styx.

AronDeppert2528d ago

I wish Rock Band has a KEYTAUR.

Sidology2528d ago

>Wear keyboard with a strap