More Halo 3 DLC Multiplayer Maps Info Revealed

"The map tadpoles in the DLC pond continue to swim along, with some even growing into full-sized and feature-rich bullfrogs in the last couple of weeks. Only a little bit of growing left to do before the frogs find their way to the stream."

Announced Halo 3 Maps in the article (codenames): O.K. Corral, Jodrell Bank, Purple Reign, Vandelay.

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hokis4ever3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

Would you need a hard drive for this?

So i guess people without the HD are screwed :(

JustCallMeDaddy3462d ago

What the hell of a question is that? is obvious that you need a hard drive. Dumbest question so far today.

hokis4ever3462d ago


So the people who the core are f**ked right? that's what i thought!

dachiefsman3463d ago

i wonder how much they are going to charge.....

RH063463d ago

I hope they put them all in a bundle and not separate...

x440Magnumx3463d ago

O.K. Corrall sounds like Hang 'Em High to me!

:) That was my favorite Halo 1 map.

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The story is too old to be commented.