Is Captain America the Last Marvel Video Game from Sega?

With Captain America: The First Avenger in movie theaters around the world today and Sega’s tie-in, Captain America: Super Soldier, available for all platforms; the synergy for Marvel Entertainment’s newest mainstream property is perfect. In fact, Captain America has taken over Comic-Con 2011 to fan boys' delight. But all signs are pointing to Captain America being the last Marvel movie that will be licensed out to an external company like Sega. The Walt Disney Company purchased Marvel in 2009 for $4 billion and now its game division, Disney Interactive Media Group (DIMG), is heading up all video game projects.

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waltyftm2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

Lets hope so, i am a big Marvel fan and have been disgusted with the quality of Sega's Marvel games.

Sugreev20012409d ago

Same here,the Iron Man games were an utter embarrassment...only decimals better than Superman 64.

morganfell2407d ago

If there was ever a superhero game that had upgrades, whizz bang technology, and air, land, and sea combat then it is the Iron Man franchise. They couldn't even nail the flying in two tries.

They also failed in another area. Their idea of a challenge was to simply send a horde of brain dead generic enemies at you. Less is more would be the lesson these creative leads cannot learn.

When you go back and look at interviews made prior to launch, especially the second game where they discuss all they have "got right this time", it's just insulting.

Quagmire2409d ago

What I dont get is...who exactly owns the rights to Marvel video games?

I thought Activision did, considering the Spiderman games, XMEN Origins: Wolverine game, and the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games, among others.

Or is it that SEGA only owns the rights to the film-based Marvel content, which would explain the shitty Iron man, Thor and Cap games, although that doesnt explain why Wolverine, a move tie-in wasnt published by SEGA.

clarkjudo2408d ago

The only thing that similar to the Movie is the time era and one of the 3 costumes is from the movie. But a separate story from the movie. Written by a Marvel comic book writer.

"We still set the story in the same region and time period as the movie, but we were free to tell our own story. We created the game-flow first and then Christos Gage came on-board and wove an awesome story into the existing flow, adding a roster of villains from the comic books." - Next Level Games

Gameinformer- 7.5

REDHULKSMASH2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Hopefully. Mr. Sega would be turning over in his grave if he knew about all the crappy superhero games they were shitting out soiling segas good name. Sega genesis was an awesome console, now look just shitty games.

Johnny Jiron2408d ago

Sorry something caught my eye for a moment there...anyways it is a shame, but I suppose it an easy way to make a quick buck to go with all the action figure toys...