Limited Edition Star Wars Xbox 360 Kinect bundle priced at £350 for the UK

GAME, Amazon and ShopTo, along with other major online retailers, are listing the Limited Edition Star Wars Xbox 360 Kinect bundle for a pre-order RRP of £349.99 in the UK, with ShopTo undercutting the RRP with a price £335.

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SuperSaiyan42553d ago

I hate the the fact that you don't even get a lightsaber to hold although I have an official FX Anakin Skywalker one I doubt that will be practical.

Keith Olbermann2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

............. you own a what now?

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sack_boi2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )


Karum2553d ago

I'm not about to be buying one (or ever for that matter) but it's actually a cool bundle, the console looks pretty cool with the R2D2 styling on it and the gold on the controller is just pure C3PO.

Cool design for sure, I'd love a R2D2 themed PS3 or even a R2D2 PC case mod lol