Far Cry 3 lead dev: consoles lack the “grandeur” of PCs

Jamie Keen, lead developer on Far Cry 3 has been speaking exclusively to PC gamer about the evolution of the series since Far Cry 2 and the difficulties of developing for multiple platforms. Keen says that while Far Cry 3's engine is scaleable, consoles lack the "grandeur" of high end PCs.

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Inside_out2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

This seems to be in response to the debacle that is Battlefield 3. Showing some very high spec PC trailers and trying to pawn them off as game play the majority will experience was a lie and a bad idea. Far Cry 3 guys are trying to cover there butts as well since the E3 footage was PC footage NOT that I saw anything extraordinaire or un console like. The Enemies were EXACTLY as they look in Far cry 2. :/

Show the game the way the majority will play and explain the difference. I don't want some incredible looking jungle with ingenious AI only to play a game with two or three people standing in the wrong direction and a jungle from Lego Star wars...not that there is anything wrong with Lego Star wars. ;D

Look, gamers aren't honest with people and they will respect you. Lie to them and they will not be so understanding...EA-Dice are liars.

" But what we really want to do with Far Cry 3 is we want to make sure that you feel this really human scale thing. Something you make your own way through, that you can really interact with… we want to take you on a voyage of discovery.”...

...that last part could of been written by Peter Molyneux...O_o

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xtreampro_REVENGE!2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Hey Inside_out why don't you ever respond to the people who reply to you? You seem to be a really angry person. I don't know if it's because of your own personal problems or something but you need to calm down man.

Have a Break have a Kit-Kat.

bumnut2555d ago

Because he only has one bubble, which is a good thing because he usually talks crap anyway.

BlackKnight2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )


Never once did DICE try to say that PC version was console. What DICE DID do is they actually focused on a PC version a lot more than other devs and showed how far PC's actually are, and only idiot console gamers (not regular console gamers) got all sad or whatever that they got to see how far behind their systems are.

They don't HAVE to show what a "majority of gamers" will get. They said here is PC footage. Now they are showing PS3 footage. They are clear in labeling it. Just because they showed PC footage first doesn't mean they are saying every system looks like this. Battlefield is a PC series, this is the FIRST time it has come to consoles, so they showed PC footage to the MAIN audience, which are the PC gamers. Get over it and get over the fact that console games will keep looking worse than the PC version. If there isn't much difference in versions, the developer failed on the PC side, that's all there is to it.

I have all three systems, halo, kz, uc, gears, etc so save the fanboy comments.

jetlian2555d ago

ps3 footage? still only seen pc! Fallon doesn't count it was like 20 secs worth! Dice tried to claim consoles weren't far behind and never onced clearly stated pc footage.

They got videos on live and they ARE NOT 360 footage!

xtremegamerage2555d ago

Tbh i don't think the Far cry 3 game look modern anyway.

Looked ok.

BFBC2 on console looked better.

BlmThug2555d ago

Your Comparing A Open World Game With A Linear Game

BlackKnight2555d ago

BC2 is a stretch being called linear with such huge environments, but I can see what you are saying.

But no one says that about UC2 which is one of the most linear/small environment games out there besides COD.

Cpt_kitten2555d ago

can't wait, so long as its nothing like far cry 2....which from the demo they showed it dose not

Orpheus2555d ago

After the lies of crytek abt crysis 2 being superior than crysis in every aspect ..... i find it really really hard to bliv ne developer until nd unless they show sth ......

Well metro last light did show a house full of high poly models ...... for the time being they hav got the respect of fans like me ........

Vega752555d ago

I think ubisoft does far cry now not crytek.

Orpheus2555d ago

I guess u din read ma comment .....

Vega752555d ago

I did read your post. I agree with your argument. I thought you were saying far cry was still being dev by crytek. My bad

xtreampro_REVENGE!2555d ago

If Crysis 1 was developed on the CE3 it would eat Crysis 1 running on CE2 for breakfast. If you've seen any of Cryteks CE3 demonstrations you'd know by now just how superior the CE3 is to the CE2.

Just give them a chance.

Orpheus2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

We dont mind giving crytek another chance but we hope while delivering crysis 3 , they wont be boasting the power of cryengine 4 but that of crysis 3 ..... I worked my ass off trying to figure out when pc graphics will reach that of toy story 1 waited for years ... nd crytek threw water on my hopes

:"-( :"-(

Crysis 1 had on avg 2 mil poly aftr that gpu power has increased 6 fold only if they increased the poly count by a factor of 3 they cud hav surpassed toy story :-(

Hellsvacancy2555d ago

If they love the PC so much why bother bringin the game to consoles? Far Cry 2 was awful, better graphics wouldnt change that

dirthurts2555d ago

Why bother bringing it to consoles?
The more copies they can sell the more money they can make obviously.

BeastlyRig2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

How many 3rd party exclusives are there now a days?

Just about any shooter makes millions on consoles! Look at homefront!

That is why they will put it on consoles!

On PC mmos is were the big buck are..

Why do you think Sony would make a PC exclusive?

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