Battlefield 3 pre-orders on par with Black Ops; 11m sales expected

Pre-orders of the DICE shooter are on par with last year’s Call of Duty: Black Ops. “Roughly comparable” is the phrase used.

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Trunkz Jr2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

BF3 won't sell as much as MW3, but they will take a BIG slice of the market from them because not everybody can stand being served soggy toast year after year.

Organization XII2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

I want BF3 to kill MW3 literally, but once again, competition is good, and gotta admit, if it wasnt for CoD, EA wouldnt have think in delivering one the most awaited shooters this year. So yeah, I praise healthy competition. Go DICE!!

Pixel_Pusher2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

"Yes some of it(destruction)was switched off for performance testing" =D

oh and some new BF3 gameplay was just uploaded, over 14min :O!

Lifendz2554d ago

It doesn't have to sell as much as MW3 to make Activision step their game up and maybe reconsider some things (like charging 15 bucks for DLC). And maybe if they have a real competitor they'll do things like, I dunno, monitor the community and prevent hackers from ruining the game. Or maybe get a server system in place that allows us to get in a game w/o it crashing as frequently as it does.

Clarence2555d ago

I agree, but it would definitely be great to see BF3 out do MW3. I do however think that despite BF3 not outselling MW3 it will definitely get the best FPS this year. I am very impress with what I've seen from Dice.

I hope the 360 version looks good as well, so that Dice can get more sells.

RememberThe3572554d ago

I might be in the minority here but I like what I've seen from Resistance 3 more than what I'ce seen from BF3. I'm really looking forward to both games, but I love the way Insomniac is approaching R3. I really feel like that game is going to be the deepest, most immerse shooter this year.

FanboyPunisher2555d ago

BF3 needs to eventually beat COD, mabye BF4 but it need to get off to a running start.

DeadlyFire2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

I doubt BF 4 will release for at least 4 years. I hope. PC built games last. Console games get gutted after 2 years. I could see Bad Company 3 filling in gap though.

evrfighter2555d ago

If bf3 is only a couple million behind mw3. Alot of people would consider that the death if cod. Including me.

To actually outdo it would signal the end of the casual shooter era.

otherZinc2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Some of you guys are ridiculous.

Battlefield has yet to make a great game. Now, all of a sudden their 3rd iteration must be game of the year! Get The F*** Outa Here. Child please!

Let Dice & especially EA (that has never been responsible for a great shooter) prove this with an actual game sold at retail, that BF3 is great or not.

Jaffe was right: People are running around praising an unproven product!

BF3 may be great, however, none of us will know this at least until a week after its release.

So stop with awarding BF3 shooter of the year until we play it!


"Battlefield has yet to make a great game." You do know that Battlefield 2 is one of the best selling game and a highly rated game on PC right? Then you have game Battlfield 1942. The Bad Company series that have been preffered by the hardcore gamers and Battlefield 1943 that made sales record on PSN and Xbox Live.
Battlefield was the mainstream before CoD and i hope Battlefield will be again because in my opinion battlefield is better.

Chocoboh2555d ago

EA was responsible for Crysis, however they weren't responsible for Battlefield 2 in which they were bought up after making several expansion packs by EA which imo BF2 was and is one of the best FPS

Moragami2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

If you don't think any of the Battlefield games are great you either

A) Only play consoles games, and therefore your opinion doesn't matter.

B) Have an underdeveloped Medulla Oblongata, and therefore your opinion doesn't matter.

C) Think CoD is the best Multiplayer experience ever, and therefore, your opinion doesn't matter.

Clarence2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

For you to say Battlefield has yet to make a great game makes you ridiculous.
You think just because the BF series hasn't sold more than MW series its not a great series. You must really love the MW series. Or you work for IGN.

As far as awards go.

Activision has done nothing new for the FPS since MW1

P.S. Let Ocho Cinco use the phrase

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B-radical2555d ago

Well i see it as if this battlefield 3 does good commercially and critically then the next battlefield will be king, Cod will sell more but do better with critics? If e3 has taught us anything this year critic's seem to be praising battlefield 3 over modern warfare 3 already with awards and what not, Have to wait though. Bf3 <3

Supman2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Dice's shooter BF came out before cod.
but somehow, cod, stole the show.
Dice became the underdog.
and now, after all these years...
dice needs to take the battlefield back.

Takoulya2555d ago

DICE never became the underdog. Most people here expect BF3 to be a much better game than MW3, including me. Yes, the BF games haven't been able to match the sales of the last four MW games, but the've all been better (excluding 1943).

zerox5052555d ago

bf 1943 was a great way of introducing the battlefield franchise for console gamers

hiredhelp2554d ago

Actually i hope bf3 wins but just thought i correct supman' on what came first thing
Dice wasnt the first in was call of duty ww2 series on pc only. But would been intresting if they did to see how things would of been today. Oh and moh came b4 call of duty on old psx. Hope thats right . Let me know if im not lol

DrillaKid2555d ago

I NEED to get a PC before this game comes out. Then I'll add to the pre-order numbers.

BlmThug2555d ago

Woah. 11 Million Sales Is Massive.

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