The Gunstringer Release Date Confirmed, Bundled with Fruit Ninja Kinect

Microsoft Games Studios has confirmed the official release date of the forthcoming The Gunstringer, an Xbox 360 Kinect exclusive title. Developed by Twisted Pixel and originally intended for the Xbox LIVE Arcade, The Gunstringer will now be made available as a retail boxed product. What's more, it has today been confirmed that the game will include Fruit Ninja Kinect for no additional cost.

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Raven_Nomad2434d ago

That's pretty cool. The bad part is Fruit Ninja comes out on it's own before Gunstringer. So I guess I'll have a second copy as well.

Definitely getting some solid Kinect titles pumping out now!

from the beach2434d ago

What an awesome bonus! Really looking forward to this one.

Dlacy13g2434d ago

Actually ...this kinda pisses me off. MS is offering up Fruit Ninja for Summer of Arcade ...which if you buy all you get Crimson Alliance free..i plan on that as I want CA.

So now they offer up Fruit Ninja later on as a throw in for Gunstringer? Why not package in a different good game that needs the sales help... like Child of Eden!

DJMarty2433d ago

Pew Pew Pew.........................LO L