Bundles of Joy: Uncharted

As the Uncharted Double Pack releases in Europe today, TheSixthAxis takes a look back at the series.

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darfreeze2410d ago

So it's only launching in Europe? I haven't played any Uncharted game yet so I hope this will be released on the US.

teedogg802410d ago

Wow! You live in the US, own a PS3, and haven't played neither Uncharted game. You got a lot of catching up to do. You should definitely play the first two before the third releases in November.

darfreeze2410d ago

I just got a PS3 and I got the games that I know first that's why. But I'm really interested to play the Uncharted series.

ABizzel12410d ago

You should have bought Uncharted before any of them, but to each his own.

One thing you can do is import the game from Europe if it doesn't come to the US since the PS3 isn't region locked. And it's better because you're actually supporting the devs. rather than buying used, which cost $51 for both games.

I have all the games in the bundles, but I still want to know how much they cost.

$60- Too much >:(

$50- Ugh :(

$40- Most likely :)

$30- A steal >:)

Kurisu2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago ) has a definite bargain for this pack, £17.99!

If anyone in the UK hasn't played any of the Uncharted series then I would recommend buying that. I payed full price for both games, and they were worth it. For £'re basically robbing Naughty Dog.

Looking forward to Uncharted 3 and Golden Abyss.

xtremegamerage2410d ago

Have to agree.

To anyone in the world that has a PS3 and has not bought UC1&2, please do so now!!!

They are both awesome.