Cory Barlog leaving SCEA - God of War II director moving on shortly

1UP just received word that SCEA Santa Monica game director Cory Barlog, best known for his work on God of War II, will soon leave the studio to pursue other opportunities.

"We can confirm that Cory Barlog, game director for God of War II, is leaving the SCEA SM Studio and we are grateful for his work and creative vision for the critically acclaimed God of War franchise," says a Sony spokesperson. "Moving forward, we are confident in the God of War team, as they are an extremely talented group of people that are passionate about the franchise and dedicated to creating even more epic content with God of War: Chains of Olympus for the PSP and God of War III for PS3."

Notably, this statement also provides the first instance of Sony saying the words "God of War III" in public.

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Danja4060d ago

now that sux...but SCEA Santa Monica devs are great so future GOW games will still kick @ss

Panthers4060d ago

They finally said GOW 3! Bout time.

DrPirate4060d ago


....At least I was comfortable with Cory behind the helm.

But then again, Cory was much better then Jaffe, so the next director may supercede Barlog.

ruibing4060d ago

But you gotta like a man like Jaffe, blunt and to the point about everything.

TheHater4060d ago

NOOOOO...Just stay for one more game. And that game will have to be God of War 2...Please...don't make me beg.

felman874060d ago

The story for GOD3 is already written so the only thing that needs to be good is the combat

sonarus4060d ago

i dnt think cory is better than jaffe. God of war 3 will likely be better than 2 but that dosent mean the creative director behind it is better than cory. God of war was not developed by 1 person so there are a lot of capable people willing to work on the game. I do hope God of war 3 is in good hands though. Seriously why would he want to leave. He is involved with making one of the greatest games of all time wonder where he's goin next?

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The story is too old to be commented.