MediaKick Review: Dungeon Siege III

MediaKick: "Wether it’s third or first person, modern or ancient, dungeon crawler or intense cinematic drama, there’s something about role-playing games that just clicks with me. Each new announcement brings forth feelings of excitement and anticipation, whilst skipping hand-in-hand with the fear that it will not break the grasps of mediocrity, only to be dragged into the pits of the darkness and become just another plus one to bargain bin. With the gamer taking part in a ‘role-play’ a good RPG needs to immerse the player into a world where they are destined to spend many-an-hour solving quests, looting treasures and becoming infamous in well presented lands of opportunity. Does Dungeon Siege III leave gamers and avid fans satisfied they have had their fill or regretful of time spent that they will not get back?"

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