Kirby Wii Officially Named

With the huge success of the recently released Kirby’s Epic Yarn, fans have already been itching for more of their favorite pink puffball. Luckily for fans, Kirby might be returning to a familiar location sooner than expected.

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ashbc2431d ago

I can't wait for another Kirby game.

Average_Joe2431d ago

I'm really looking forward to a more traditional Kirby experience on the Wii. I liked Epic Yarn but I felt like that could have easily been any character in that platformer.

vglulz2431d ago

Agreed! Probably because the game was originally being made without Kirby in mind and they had the idea to include him further down the line.

I still need to give the game a try. It looks like good fun.

Venox20082430d ago

Epic yarn is awesome! but this one looks very good too