Suede Retrospective: FFVII Advent Children...And Why It Sucked

Suede from discusses Square Enix's 2005 film Advent Children...and why it was an awful follow-up to the PSOne classic, Final Fantasy VII.

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RedDead2550d ago

Cloud became a super emo...what happened to his attitude from FF7?

Pozzle2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

I hate that Square (and even some fans) have forgotten how much of a goofy badass Cloud was in the original game. He wasn't always emo. He was actually pretty cheery, considering all the crap that was going on around him. Even when it looked like they were all going to die, he never gave up. He always had something hopeful or upbeat to say.

I couldn't imagine Advent Children's Cloud saying silly things like, "Let's mosey!" or "You look like a bear wearing a marshmallow" or "That fire is so hot, it would make crispy critters of us in an instant!" <-- That Cloud was fun. Not the Angsty McEmo guy we got in Advent Children. :(

zerocrossing2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

I agree but if you remember correctly, For most parts of Clouds goofy badassery during FF7 he thought he was zack... Still its a shame cloud came across as such a whiny emo in AC.

midgard2272549d ago

zerocrossing is right, thats when he thought he was zack and when you play crisis core zack acts just like that.

One of my fav choices of dialog was after you woke up with tifa she asks how was your sleep.

one of the choices was "Good because I woke up next to you"

still i love cloud, just wish he was like his ff7 self, this is the real reason the ff7 remake wont happen. AC style cloud acting like he should will feel odd now lol. especially with his english voice actor. LMAo they made him revoice all his lines in advent children complete

Pozzle2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

That's true, but he was still pretty dorky and cheery even after he discovered the truth about his past (e.g. the "Let's mosey!" line). So I like to think some of that cheeriness was just a part of his natural personality, and the Zack memories of Zack only enhanced it. He definitely wasn't emo!Cloud at the end of FFVII. He wa still pretty hopeful about the future and about beating Sephiroth.

Whitefox7892549d ago

I also like to take a page from Crisis Core where Cloud was still somewhat depressed while as a Shrina Guard working with Zack (majority of the time moaning thinking he's not good enough). Probably the most time I saw him different was when he first met Zach and them laughing that they were "backwater experts". Another time was in Nibelheim where before the day Sephiroth went all crazy Cloud sent a message to Zach asking if he would like to meet his mother.

Regardless to me though I always find something to like if its anything FF7. I believe my Crisis Core save file has over 80 hours on it.

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iamtehpwn2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Nomura has stated the idea was to change Cloud's personality than from the way he was in FFVII. It was to show the overwhelming guilt he felt about Zack and Aerith.

Not to mention, keep in mind Cloud was actually dying until the ending where he was cured.

FriedGoat2549d ago

Why is this douche-bag wearing a coat indoors?

nopunctuation2550d ago

It sucked because that was their cheap cop out so they wouldnt have to remake FF7.

Ddouble2549d ago

It came out in 2005. People didn't start thinking of a remake till they saw this and the tech demo in E3.

FriedGoat2549d ago

It wasn't cheap, it Made square go bankrupt.

Redempteur2549d ago

no .. FF the spirits within did that ..advent children actually sold a lot ...and was a commercial success

chidori6662550d ago

the movie sucks because pointless fight scenes and retard storyline.

Gen0ne2549d ago

Unfortunately, those pointless fight scenes where the best part of the movie. Everything else was awkward and pointless.

Pozzle2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

"It should have been so easy: Show us what each of the characters are doing in their hometowns in glorious graphics, introduce a monster, then show them all fighting it. That's all we wanted!"


dafada2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

....i dunno i enjoyed it. I bought it twice ...once on dvd then years later when it came complete on wasn't THAT bad

Peaceful_Jelly2549d ago

dude you have no standards.

dafada2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

why because i enjoyed something instead of whining about it? k there buddy everyone has their own opinion....,,who the hell are you to tell me i have no standards because i enjoyed something u didnt?......

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