Capcom: 'We are NOT kicking Mega Man fans out of our Comic-Con booth'

Capcom has cleared up rumours that Mega Man fans have been denied access or kicked out of the Publisher's booth at Comic-Con.

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WhiteLightning2524d ago

...As they lure them back in with free candy

Neo Nugget2524d ago

What a stupid rumor.

That sounds like the kind of nonsense you would hear in middle school.

air12524d ago

I don't support scamcom, but even I found that hard to believe. Stupid rumor it was.

Optical_Matrix2524d ago

Nah you're just kicking them out of your business model. Aka, admit it Capcom, you're canning the franchise. 2 Megaman games cancelled in the past year and no Megaman in two iterations of Marvel vs. Capcom. It's pretty clear. I am disappoint.

josephayal2524d ago

I demand mega man in UMVC3

Ddouble2523d ago

I think it's obvious he's going to be dlc. He's one of those characters that can sell the game just from him being in it.

tiffac2524d ago

Of course your not kicking them out of the your booth that's a crime but you sure are kicking your fans in the nuts by lying and blaming them that its their fault that the Blue Bomber is not in MvC3 and that MML3 was cancelled.

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