The Darkness II Delayed To Get Away From Holiday Rush

Earlier this week 2K Games announced that The Darkness II has been delayed from its October 4th release and will now launch in early February. No reason for the delay was given in the press release, so Brutal Gamer caught up with a 2K rep at the San Diego Comic-Con this week to ask why we won’t be returning to The Darkness this year.

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fooxy2404d ago

Everybody running away from garbage call of duty copy and paste last year title... :< kinda sad, hope this trend of running away ends someday

The Matrix2404d ago

Whether it's garbage or not, CoD as well as numerous AAA games are coming out this fall. It would be stupid to release a game during this time. Pride has no place in business.

Average_Joe2404d ago

This is actually a very smart move on 2K Games part. Not that The Darkness 2 is going to be a bad game by any means, but with so many stellar AAA titles coming out this holiday season it just makes good business sense to hold off on the release.

spektical2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

time to play the annual how many games will be delayed because of a CoD game!!

Agent_00_Revan2404d ago

Good move 2K. This actually allows me to change my purchase decision on this game from "maybe" to "definitely".

holiday season is always too packed and so many games fall through the cracks that time of year. never understood why game developers think that is the best time of year to release. yes its christmas time and possibly time to rake in the money, but when the market is saturated, its so easily for a great game to bomb.