Mortal Kombat DLC: Scarface, Pinhead and Michael Myers – Wishful thinking?

Product-Reviews writes: We now want to focus our attentions on what DLC characters could and should be announced in Mortal Kombat following on from the release of Freddy Krueger, as we’re pretty sure he won’t be the last DLC release for the game.

If we had to pick four movie based characters to be included in Mortal Kombat as future DLC, our picks would be Pinhead, Michael Myers, Jason and Scarface. Obviously we don’t expect NRS to include all four, but even just one of these characters would be awesome.

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tr00p3r2528d ago

Scarface in Mortal Kombat...why the hell not!!

JellyJelly2528d ago

Ellen Degeneres with overly white dance move fatality.

chidori6662528d ago

the next DLC of MK is sarah pallin!

mark my words... lol

Solid_Dave2527d ago

I'm not paying money for additional characters. I think I'm pretty satisfied with the characters I got when purchasing it.

Quagmire2527d ago

Thats what i find stupid. NRS is giving you DLC which you DONT have to purchase.

If you dont like the character, then why the fuck complain? You obviously dont like them, thus will not buy them, then whats the point in complaining in the first place?

I understand the need to have someone else instead of Freddy, but they never said that they will stop at 4 characters (Skarlet, Kenshi, Rain, Freddy). Plus, they gave you FREE alternate costumes, about...what, 6 of them?

Fucking heck...

Solid_Dave2527d ago

I'm not purchasing additional characters because their over priced and its just a tactic so they can make more money. I'm not falling for their tricks. But apparently, you have.

Quagmire2527d ago

No, I didnt mean that as a direct reply to you, i was just talking in general.

But wtf do you mean apparently I have? I dont even own MK, im waiting for the Complete bundle with all the DLC included, which I'm sure you will be pretty pissed about when it is announced.

beast242tru2527d ago

i would accept all of them

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