PlayStation Network users raise over £1 million for Japanese tsunami appeal

Connected Consoles: "PSN users have collectively now raised over £1 million for the Great East Japan Earthquake relief effort as of July 13th 2011."

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beast242tru2467d ago

thats good help for a disaster with so much money in the world i dnt see why we hav people who starve in poor countries just billy gates alone can mabe giv everyone in the world atleast 2 bucks

kharma452467d ago

Gates (along with a whole host of other billionaires) has already pledged to give away most of his fortune to developing nations.

Just_The_Truth2467d ago

although he gives a good amount of money away i doubt i'll NEVER EVER get close to most of his money.

Hufandpuf2467d ago

I'm pretty sure PSN could have generated more donations, but anyway, good job guys.

BrutallyBlunt2467d ago

Good to hear and I am happy to say I was a part of those who did donate.

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