The Most Controversial Video Games Of The Last 25 Years

Despite now being worth more than the movie industry, video games continue to have a rocky relationship with the mainstream media. Whilst movies have long since been permitted to explore and push the boundaries of decency, video games can barely stray into adult territory without sparking a public outcry. consider some of the most notorious video games of the last 30 years and the controversy they created.

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nopunctuation2524d ago

Stop with these articles. Ive already sen several of these in this week alone. Im a gamer. I can turn on Box News and find out which games are controversial. I dont need to be reminded every 10 minutes.

Gray-Fox-Type02524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

hot doa chicks lol nerds dreams come true haha GTA may be controversial and MK but they were hell alot of fun. I played them both when I was really young did not effect me in any way...But probably can to some lowlife who thinks games are real lol

wallis2523d ago

Damn right! There are more fucking articles about controversial games than there are controversial games!

spektical2524d ago

i want to see 6 days!!

i always lol @ resistance xDDD

"no aliens were harmed..."

kramun2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

I've read this article from somewhere else, either a magazine or another article, but I remember it and it seems to be a word for word copy.

EDIT:I might have a look at some of my magazines later and check. I can't be arsed atm.

Raven_Nomad2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

It's "Custer’s Revenge" not "Custler’s Revenge" or "Cluster’s Revenge". Seriously, they call it three different things in the article.

I usually don't care about grammar, but at least do a quick proof read. I mean they list it as "Custler's Revenge". At least get the title right.

ZETTA2524d ago

this article is crap, they forgot to mention lots of other games like the hot coffee on GTA SA

Clipper132524d ago

You need to use an external device to even access the "hot coffee" portion of the game. Most people who still own the original press of GTA:SA are clueless about it.

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