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tiffac2551d ago

You beat me to it. lol!

guitarded772551d ago

Pretty certain there will be a price drop, especially with the new SKUs coming.

tiffac2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

We'll find out next month during the week of Gamescon. That's the time frame that Sony usually announces their price cut.

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kreate2551d ago

wouldnt the xbox just drop to $99 to keep sales high?

4221852551d ago

M$ wouldn't do that, They love money to much.

Dlacy13g2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

MS won't price drop in reaction right away unless they had something already planned for that time frame in which case both would be dropping together. More than likely they will wait and see how a price drop from Sony impacts their sales. Given their performance this past year so far MS really hasn't a pressing need to drop price right now. I suspect we will see more bundles from MS for the short term future.

As for Sony, I would certainly expect a price drop... how much? $100 would be amazing but I think $50 is more logical.

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kreate2550d ago

i understand the logic. but MS so far always tried to stay a 100 dollar cheaper than the ps3. so if ps3 drops to 250. xbox would become 150.

if ps3 drops to 200. wouldnt the 4gb xbox drop to 100? o_0;;

*at one point. xbox was 150 dollar with the arcade model few months after ps3 dropped from 400 to 300.

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ps3bestever2551d ago

I am looking forward for uncharted 3, desert gameplay or anything !

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WhiteLightning2551d ago

I hope it's not all about Vita...come on Sony announce one new game for 2012.

SoundGamer2551d ago

I would think there would be Vita release dates hopefully. New games, all that jazz. Looking forward to it.

ThePUNisher2551d ago

Well I think this was pretty much expected. Sony usually have a conference at Gamescom and they have new hardware to show off that hasn't yet been fully detailed with launch info.

Confirmation and a time and date have reVITAlised my excitement for the event though.

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