“American Chopper” Gears of War 3 Bike Revealed at Comic-Con

Not everything at the San Diego Comic Con revolves around super heroes and sexy cosplay girls. Sometimes awesome surprises are saved not for PAX or E3, but for Comic-Con. Today Paul Teutul Jr from Discovery Channel’s American Chopper revealed the custom bike he created for Epic Game’s Gears of War 3.

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FanboyPunisher2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

I guess we know what to buy, gears > UC3 (meh MP)
GJ with the PR.

maxcavsm2499d ago

Holy shit, that is amazing, absolutely agree.

dingledodie772499d ago

I didn't think Jr would even get his business off the starting grid. The bike is insane!

Batman52732499d ago

I can't wait to see Jr actually build it on the show. It better glow blue like the Cog Armor does. I thin kit would be a bad ass touch.

dingledodie772499d ago

And then there's Senior's reaction. Bet you he tries to give it the brush off.

Fishy Fingers2499d ago

Shame they split really, Senior (old, G-unit senior) would of actually made a good character model in a Gears game.

Bad ass trick though.

Batman52732499d ago

I can't believe I just noticed this but the handle bars look like the grips on the Troika Turret and that they are not directly connected to the front wheel arms.

beast242tru2499d ago

this is most bad a** bike ive seen in a while they are already spending that GEARS OF WAR money or microsoft mabe funded it but who cares, its beautiful

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The story is too old to be commented.