The first four-player Kinect game gets screenshots

OXM UK: "Just Dance 3 Kinect tracklist Kills The Radio Star"

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Titanz2334d ago

I thought that the Kinect device was only limited to two players(simultaneously).

subtenko2334d ago

LOL!!! Now we got The Wiggles and Yo Gabba Gabba on Kinect!

Actually this might me rent it for that reason, could result in some great laughs and "wtf's" from my friends :D

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miDnIghtEr2334d ago

I thought Kinect could only do 2 as well! And you couldn't use it when you sit down!

Well.. that's what the SDF told me at least.

KRUSSIDULL2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

Look up the Fable: Journey demo the guy is sitting down at first.

Redgehammer2334d ago

I game from a wheel chair, and there have been several Kinect activities that I can do sitting down. Kinect bowling with my son's has been, and still is, fantastic.

dirigiblebill2334d ago

I'd like to play a Kinect game where four players controlled a giant robot - one for each leg, one for the arms, one for the leg. Awesome, it would be. Or maybe not.

dirigiblebill2334d ago

@ Disagrees - hold on, which bit are you disagreeing with? The "awesome" or the "maybe not"?

PR_FROM_OHIO2334d ago

OMG i been waiting for this game!! Day 1 for me "SIKE" LOL

maniacmayhem2334d ago

No no no! According to all the posts here on n4g the Kinect cant do more than two players!

Raven_Nomad2334d ago

Well if you go by the posts at N4G COD MW3 is going to flop, Kinect was the next 32x and while Halo 4 is considered "milking" A God Of War 4 wouldn't be considered such....

miDnIghtEr2334d ago

Don't forget... GT5 is still better than the Definitive racing sim, Forza 3 as well! LOL.