Official Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel Price & Release Date Revealed

Originally revealed at the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles back in June, the official Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel was confirmed for launch in the US this September and throughout PAL territories in ‘early October’. At a recent press event in the UK however, Microsoft offered confirmation of not just the release date, but the UK price also.

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fghsjdfghjdfhgkjdf2500d ago

Where does this really fit in? Surely the hardcore racing gamers will have proper steering wheels, the average gamer will prefer using a thumbstick and the casual gamer will be expecting to use their kinect?

Dlacy13g2500d ago

@Jeffail, honestly I think the real question isn't where does this fit in....its will it work better than just a gamepad?

I love my racing...I have a race wheel but rarely use it as my life changes just don't have the room for a proper racing wheel set up. It's also just too much of a pain in the arse to hall out the wheel on the occassions that I want to race. So something akin to a game pad that game me more responsive fidelity than the pad is welcome. I know it wont be as good as a wheel set up, but if its an improvement over the pad I can see using this as its small enough that I would use it more often.

Ashby_JC2500d ago

I feel the same way if its a step up from a controller and a notch below a regular racing wheel then I can see buying it.

From the video I saw of looked very responsive. And he mentioned that you can play ot without holding it in the air...(that was something I was wondering)

He says u can play with it resting on your lap knees whatever. That is a plus IMO.

I had a regular racing wheel and I agree it can be a pain to lug it out and hook it up. THis thing seems to be something I would want.

likedamaster2499d ago

It's actually very responsive.

It works to pull the casual in by its simple yet cost effective design. Notice the no pedals. I'd prefer this over a controller any day.

Ashby_JC2500d ago

I saw a DEMO video on youtube and I was actually surprised by it.

My question you have to have the kinect for it to work. Im assuming yes but the article didnt state if you needed it.

FOr under $50 I would get it. IMO it would be better then a controller but not better then a regular racing wheel.

Dlacy13g2500d ago

No Kinect needed. This works independently...its a self contained controller.

SuperSaiyan42500d ago

RUBBISH, aint touching this with a bargepole.

dirthurts2500d ago

Anyone have a video of this in action?

Ashby_JC2500d ago

I saw a video of it in action. I believe it was on this a search and Im sure it will pop up.

It looks like it works quite well. For under $50 I would buy for sure!

Dlacy13g2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Here is a video...

There is an actual hands on review of the wheel by some site but for the life of me I cant find it. Was posted up on N4G I am pretty sure.

found it:

dirthurts2500d ago

I've never found a MS accessory that didn't.

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