Crystal Dynamics' Meagan Marie impresses CNN with sexy Gears of War cosplay

Ex-editor Meagan Marie recently departed Game Informer for a job at Crystal Dynamics as their community manager, but she hasn't given up her hobby of video game cosplay. Apparently, CNN caught her at Comic-Con, because they're currently featuring a video of her talking about cosplaying as Gears of War 3's Anya.

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Bolts2224d ago

Damn you Steve Jobs!! I can't watch this on my iPad 2 :( Is there a QuickTime friendly link for me to enjoy the hotness??

tplarkin72224d ago

I had a Quadra many years ago. I never bought an apple machine, since. I always felt left out.

"It just works" when you live in Apple's tiny world.

killerhog2224d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Yeah same here

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caseh2224d ago

I would defo hit that.

Miiikeyyy2224d ago

Give her steroids, then she'll look like a girl from the Gears universe XD

bangoskank2223d ago

Anya is actually of normal female proportion in the game.

Second dumb post from you today. I'm not even going to mention your first.

Miiikeyyy2223d ago

I assume you're referring to the donation post. All I was asking is what UK Users of PSN had donated.

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