Is there going to be an Avatar of 3D games?

Sony wants you to know that it's all about 3D. Speaking at the Develop conference in Brighton this week, Mick Hocking, director of Sony worldwide studios' 3D team, delivered a keynote exploring Sony's experience of 3D gaming in the last year.

But what, exactly, has Sony accomplished in this last year - and will it actually make a difference when 3DTVs are still at their current price levels? asked Hocking to look back on what Sony had accomplished, but to also let us know what the company intends to do going forward.

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jony_dols2405d ago

Uncharted 3 possibly?

Naughty Dog have stated they have put in a lot of effort into making the game's 3D really add to the cinematic depth of it.

Resistance 3 may also be a step forward in 3D in gaming, the large scale bosses have potential to stand out on the owners of 3DTV sets.

vikingland12405d ago

For now I have to agree with jony_dols those games will be the closest thing to 3D greatness . I hope so because so far nothing has really blown me away in 3D ( not even kill zone 3 ).

NewMonday2405d ago

Uncharted 3 is going to be the avatar of games, i was blown away by the 3D trailer.

i watched a number of movies on my 3DTV, i also played KZ3 in 3D, but the most impressive stuff came from the U3 3D trailer.

Thatguy-3102404d ago

Well mostly anyone that has experienced uncharted 3 in 3D seems to be amazed I guess Uncharted 3 is the answer :) Even Michael has praised it

Fishy Fingers2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Probably have to wait on next gen consoles or possibly if someone really went for it with a PC game. Currently, I believe 3D is taking time and resources away from the developers, only to support what is, the vast minority.

MysticStrummer2405d ago

It shouldn't take much to have an Avatar of 3D games. The 3D (depending on the 3D system in the theater where you saw it) and the visuals in general were the outstanding aspects of that movie, but I've seen comparable acting and far more complex stories in videogames before.

IAmTheTruth2405d ago

From everything I've read, it seems like Uncharted 3 will do for 3D games what Avatar did for films.

Emperor_Cono2405d ago

Avatar was good in 3D? Wait, are we sure we were all at the same film? Every 3D film I've been to has been, well rubbish. So much so that I just stick to 2D now because 3D is that much of a gimmick that costs more of my money for less enjoyment, which isn't a good thing in the slightest sense of the word.
I'll be honest, I've yet to play a game in 3D, but if its as downright disappointing as it is in films you can count me out!
/rant :)

arjman2405d ago

I think you were wearing normal glasses at Avatar when you should've been wearing the 3d glasses because it blew me away!

Emperor_Cono2404d ago

Funnily enough they were actual 3D glasses, and it was actually disappointing as someone taking a piss in your beer :/

arjman2404d ago

LOL I can't say I've ever heard that line before, what did you do to the pisser?

Boody-Bandit2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

"Avatar was good in 3D?"

No Avatar wasn't good in 3D.

It is what convinced me to get a 3D display when I viewed it at Best Buys Magnolia room. I saw it, went home and did a little research on which display to get, a couple weeks later I purchased a 3D display for my home and haven't regretted one moment of it.

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