EA: Kinect won't "screw" with FIFA

Eurogamer: "Kinect will not encroach upon the core FIFA football-match gameplay, EA Sports vice president Andrew Wilson has told Eurogamer."

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Inside_out2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Kinect is a great business opportunity for any dev or pub. With 10++ million Kinects out there and that fanbase wanting something new to play...the guys with the latest " trick " can be rewarded handsomely. Why are these guys ignoring the Move with these press releases???

" We have a core Kinect incubation group "...O_o...what the heck are they up to at EA. ;)

iamnsuperman2410d ago

No offence but who is going to buy FIFA to use with kinect. I understand kinect sports because its a different experience. Its a nice add on but its a bit like some PS3 titles with move added on. Nice to have but realisically not many use. Lets hope it doesn't degrade performance of the non kinect side

Stealth2k2410d ago

10 + million kinects sold in the US only..........and the game sales aside from kinect sports have been abhorent.

child of eden bombed and so has basically everything else

Blaze9292410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

1 million copies for Dance Central in the US alone is pretty good. /justsayin

Bigpappy2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Ah, wrong! Child of Eden is actually a core game and many of the core gamers have not yet made the purchase. But games like Kinect Sport, Dance Central have done better than some of you favorite "core"games. Over 3 million Kinects sold in EU so far. That a lot betten than some of you favorite games also.

Keeping your head in the sand and saying stuff in your head, will not change reallity when you yank it out.

TheKayle2410d ago

the title of this weird.....

the vice president is just saying the kinect give millions opportunity and they got some nice ideas already..

bah stupid fanboy