The Return of Hardcore Gaming

TPV Writer Elliot writes: "There are games you play, and there are games you beat. Not in the sense that you ‘beat’ Medal of Duty: Modern Recon twice this morning. That game wanted you to win, it wanted you to cruise past the final boss-fight, win some points for your gamerscore and get all the achievements for jumping to your death repeatedly. But it was not always so children, there was an older school of game-design from the crucible of coin-op arcades that used scaling difficulty as a test of skill and to make you insert more coins for a continue. Either way, a completion state was an admittance of defeat – the game had run out of tricks, you had ‘beaten’ it."

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TheBatman_Fanatic2433d ago

It somewhat does feel like hardcore gaming is dying. There is too much casual gaming and too many FPSs. All of these FPSs can make a gamer quit gaming, there seems to be no end to them this generation.

Jonmau52432d ago

I agree, well said. Checkpoints, Save On The Fly and many other similar factors have made games easier than they used to be but the trend is slowly turning backwards with the likes of Demon Souls to being that games are tougher and make you work for them.

Games don't have to be as tough now because we do have major breaktrhoughs in game design, storytelling and actual gameplay than what we had 10-15-20 years ago, when games had to be tough to provide a challenge.