Gamespot: Catherine review

Catherine is involving, intense, and unlike anything you've ever played.

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Pacman3212585d ago

I played the demo last night, it was pretty weird, but i liked it.

Ultraplayerxp2584d ago

I'm really surprised this game is getting good reviews. I was afraid the "uniqueness" of the game would offset most of the western media.

coolbeans2584d ago

Since when has "uniqueness" ever been a con when it comes to reviewing a game? They'll say this game isn't recommended for everyone, but still commend it for being different b/c of *enter reason(s) here*.

Ultraplayerxp2584d ago

Well I was going to type weirdness, or something like that, but I decided on uniqueness cause I thought people might disagree with that observation. I think uniqueness is a con when it just doesn't work as a game. IMO, A game can be different but it still needs to be a game. When I first saw Catherine I thought I would just be playing a half-naked guy climbing on Tetris blocks with some parts taking place in a bar all wrapped in pretty anime stylings and a mature story. I thought "Hey, I've never played a game like that before", but I didn't think it could hold me long, since, you know, what else does it offer aside from that? You get what I'm trying to say?

Pozzle2584d ago

You've never seen Japanese games marked down by Western reviewers for being "too weird" or "too Japanese"?

coolbeans2584d ago


No, I honestly haven't seen a game receive a con for being "too Japanese". They may WARN the viewers to be hesitent in buying b/c of how odd it can be, but I've never seen it directly affect the score. I don't see how Western reviewers are xenophobes; I'm sure many of them have tried a JRPG before.

andron6662584d ago

Hmm. I'd like to try this game. It sounds very interesting, but I don't think I have the patience for the puzzle game play...

SoulMisaki2584d ago

You'd need something more like...

Lightning quick reflexes and thinking.


The ability to decide how to make a path upward in the least amount of time before the psychotic demon lady stabs you with a fork.

Trust me, it's too fast paced for you to need 'Patience'

andron6662584d ago

Yeah that was maybe the wrong word. Fast puzzle gameplay just stresses me out, so I guess this isn't the game for me...

SoulMisaki2584d ago

You could set it to easy if you needed to.

protekjv2584d ago

i played the demo, its pretty good. am assuming by the demo that's not what the whole game is about; moving blocks.