This is what the Star Wars Xbox 360 sounds like

You've seen what the new Kinect Star Wars Xbox 360 console looks like, but what sounds does it make? Get ready to annoy all but the most hardcore of Star Wars fans with the emotional noise of R2-D2.

Skip to around the 3:24 mark to hear R2-D2 do his thing when you power up the console or eject the disc tray.

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JellyJelly2407d ago

That's probably the coolest limited edition console I've ever seen.

FriedGoat2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

I like it, but if i saw that controller i wouldn't relate it to C3PO. These guys are talking ASS.
I do want that controller.

Rainstorm812407d ago

I want this but with out kinect and star wars kinect....


Any Star Wars fan that sees that xbox, will immediately tie the Gold controller to C3PO... what else would you tie it to?

MTEC82407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

This is awesome, by far the coolest limited edition console ever.

paintsville2407d ago

WOW. Definantely the COOLEST special console EVER!!! LOL I love this thing!!!

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Neko_Mega2407d ago

I like it, but I like the gold controller more.

Sad part is, I want the Halo Rach and Gears 3 ones to.

colonel1792407d ago

I have a PS3, and this is something I really like about MS. They have released a lot of special editions for the 360, and they are better than the PS3's. I wish Sony did that too instead of just releasing bundles.

tiffac2407d ago

Sony actually does but most of them doesn't see the light of day outside Japan. -_-

CrescentFang2407d ago

I want the Tales of Xillia one, unfortunately I sold my soul to the MGS4 one years ago and it's still kickin'!

tiffac2407d ago

You got the Gun Metal design?! Cool!

I wanted to get the FFXIII white with pink Lightning design but I couldn't afford the shipping cost on top of buying the console. lol!

vikingland12407d ago

I love the R2D2 sounds , cool idea.

jay22407d ago

I think I'm going to just buy the controller and white kinect on ebay.

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