Hitman Absolution: It 'Will Be The Biggest, Most diverse Hitman Game Ever Made'

GB: "IO Interactive are well known for their amazing Hitman franchise. Whenever one will talk about stealth masters like Snake or Fisher, code name Agent 47 will most likely pop up too. Such has been the impact of the Hitman games ever since the turn of the century."

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BeastlyRig2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

great!I guess.

evrfighter2376d ago

Most likely means itll have multiplayer support and be more "casual friendly".

Stealth2k2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

talk talk talk. And then when its a 70 range or 80 range game they will say........" this wasn't the best we could do"

I am sick of companies laying on the bullshit.

Fishy Fingers2376d ago

Good point, in interviews they should sit there speechless.

No offence, but your rant is unjustified. Try reading complete interviews and stop getting caught up in the little sites who chop them up and focus on a single quote becuase it makes for a good headline.

Stealth2k2376d ago

they say what they say. I am responding to this quote

beast242tru2376d ago

never played any of the hitmen before not sure if i'll start with this one

BlmThug2376d ago

Dont Focus On The Casuals

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