First ever Trailer from the Silent Hill HD Collection

Here is the first ever Trailer from the Silent Hill HD Collection.

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CrescentFang2529d ago

I see that their still redoing the voice acting (iirc)

EVILDEAD3602528d ago

Still should have included the original game..I used to be a Silent Hill fan but the original AND sequel were easily the best of the bunch


CrescentFang2528d ago

Yeah I know...
btw I love your user name lol

pipipi2528d ago

what? you used to be a fan? aawwww man that sucks! you can´t be a fan of something and later not to be. if you are a fan, you are 4ever.
but i must say that you can always be a fan of the ones who loved, not a fan of...mmmm let me guess, HOMECOMING, or SH4, in my opinion HOMECOMING had a great story and characters, but not gameplay or scares at all, same as SH4.
and about that they should include the original, personally a prefer a remake like RESIDENT EVIL for the game cube, because i loved that it was the same game, but at times it was not, and it had great surprises like that shark scene and lisa trevor or the crimson head zombies.
anyways cant wait for this one and downpour!!!!

EVILDEAD3602527d ago

@ Rycell

I meant I used to be a huge fan..last Silent Hill I played was the room. Silent Hill 1 and 2 were some of the only games where I used to feel genuine fear.

But, the orginal Fatal Frame took the crown. I agree that a remake if the original would have been amazing. But, I get there are a generation of people who havent played those.


Ramas2529d ago

Silent hill 2 one of best games ever , completed it like x10 times and probably will do same on HD collection

vikingland12528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

I only played the first one and it was the creepiest game I ever played at the time of it's release. I will be getting all of the HD remakes of all the old games sony wants to remake.I assume this is on xbox360 also?

andrewsqual2528d ago

Why does N4G tag this as an Xbox 360 article when it isn't coming to it?

dgonza402528d ago

for some reason i thought of those blue words that scroll at the end of the PS3 commercials..

Miiikeyyy2528d ago

I've never played Silent Hill before. Would you recommend it?

Ramas2528d ago

yes, very good game, especially SH2

Miiikeyyy2528d ago

What are they actually like? Creepy?

Cloudberry2528d ago

And yes, creepy.

One of the best & scariest survivor horror games I've ever played.

Inception2528d ago

Yes, you should. This game not just creepy (monster, blood, etc) but also had some great story with pyschological element in it.

I reccomend SH 1-4 (yes, SH 4 is still creepy even though i don't like the limited inventory system).

Alos882528d ago

They better not mess with the soundtracks.

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The story is too old to be commented.