Skyrim director 'couldn't care less' about 3D

"It ruins the image," says Bethesda's Todd Howard

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Inside_out2437d ago

Wow...someone that doesn't want to pull the gimmick money grabbing scam 3D wagon...refreshing.

I hope more people come forward in the entertainment industry and say enough is enough but I doubt it.

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bumnut2437d ago

I feel sorry for your parents for producing someone like you.

MysticStrummer2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Funny how he doesn't call it a gimmick money grabbing scam. I guess we can add mind reading to your list of many talents. I don't see how 3D ruins the image myself, as long you have an engine that's made to support it fully instead of as an afterthought. I understand what he means about the glasses though. Once glasses free 3D tech comes to home theater sized TVs that are affordable to the masses, 3D will be a part of most if not all shows, games, movies, etc.

jaosobno2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

History is filled with ignorants opposing all forms of progress in all fields.

You can bet that elder scrools 6 will come with full 3D support and they will be saying things like "3D is a natural choice for a game like elder scrools".

tee_bag2422437d ago

Lol - could we consider online components to elder scrolls a progression to?

JsonHenry2437d ago

I'll be playing it in 3D on my PC anyway.

dgonza402437d ago

I think 3D in movies is a cash grab because they raise the ticket prices, but the game will still be $60 so im not sure what you're complaining about..
Its cool for those who have a 3D tv (i dont), so idk why you're being a hater.

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Bonobo123452437d ago

I personally think Skyrim would be great in 3D

That's if they can do it without sacrificing quality (which they can't)

I do not have the funds to get into 3D gaming at the moment, However I do want to see Uncharted 3 in 3D as well as Killzone3....

Maybe if it becomes more affordable and really catches on... For now 2D will do me fine.

Fishy Fingers2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Probably a good job really, I imagine the consoles will already be struggling to run what they've created. Including 3D would either mean heavily gimping the visuals, or a horrible frame rate, and why bother, when its something only 5% of your consumer base even have access too.

MidnytRain2437d ago

Is it really only 5%? Man, that makes me wonder why these companies are trying to push 3D so hard.

grailly2437d ago

what else would they push? It's too early for "ultra-HD", and people don't care what king of technology their TV uses (LED, OLED)
at the same time it slightly pushes piracy back, because of the idea that you would get a better/different experience going to the movie or buying the blu-ray.

in the video game realm it's mostly Sony that's pushing 3D, other companies do it, so they can have 3D written on the box.

paintsville2437d ago

I agree with you 100% Fishy Fingers. It'd be ridiculous to gimp this game to offer an option that only about 5% or less of consumers even have access too. This game is going to rock WITHOUT the gimmicky 3d.

TheKayle2437d ago

well i dont think this will have all of this success..i mean ok is a nice illusion effect but isnt 3d u cant have depth in the scene...the brain think that there is but there is nothing...and all the 3d effect on scene will have the same depth...this mean that at the end...u will not have a 3d.....this effect born in the 1832 with Charles Wheatstone and when i was younger there was a wave o cinema movies like nightmare 6 or others....after ppl get bored....and now is the is pushing something old too old...

i prefeer this!

invented by this guy

now is employed by microsoft

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