First WRC 2: FIA World Rally Championship screenshots arrive

Ubisoft released the first screenshots from WRC 2: FIA World Rally Championship.

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Yi-Long2557d ago

... not sure about racing on these kind of tracks though. I want to rally through long gorgeous rally-tracks set in nature, and not on closed-of racing tracks...

tails132557d ago

It has the WRC license, so it'll have all the locations from the WRC.

While the best stages are the long stages through forests/deserts/snow etc, special stages like these are still part of the sport.

Yi-Long2557d ago

... and I don't mind them, but considering they said their focus was going to be on actual rally-racing again and bringing a more 'realistic' rally-experience than the Dirt-series, I would have liked to have seen the first screens show just that... :)

I really hope we'll get a very long gorgeous stage in Japan.

Knushwood Butt2556d ago

The Japanese stages in the first game were a joke.

Cherry blossom (even though the rally takes place in autumn) and very traditional rural houses everywhere, most of them inexplicably selling yakitori.

Quite why there was so much cheese added to the Japan stages is a mystery.

Nothing like the real stages on Hokkaido.

CZUM2556d ago

LOL :D It's looks like from PS2 or something..

Kiriel2556d ago

I think you've forgotten just how bad the PS2 graphics were, compared to today's consoles. ;)

dirthurts2556d ago

This is hopefully pretty early in development. The textures need some artistic flare, or something.