Mind-Blowing Armored Core V CG Trailer

An amazing Japanese CG trailer for Armored Core V

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Lord_Sloth2340d ago

I swear if they made a movie I would fight 3 old ladies and a midget to get into that theater!

dredgewalker2340d ago

I would fight hordes of crossdressing zombies if they got in my way if there was an AC movie!

FriedGoat2340d ago

Anything from fromsoftware I'M IN!

Sinterfire2340d ago

Looks nice. I hope the NA/EU release isnt that far from the JP release.

2340d ago
Hufandpuf2340d ago

armed core trailers are usually that good, but when the game comes out, it doesn't look anywhere near as good.

Hazmat132340d ago

i miss realistic CG movies example the humans have a real face not like "Up" where the face is square or something. man some needs to make an epic war movie with CG,

plmkoh2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Realistic CG movies are far too rare, I guess producers don't see the money in them. The Beowolf movie was sort of realistic, wasn't that bad too, we definitely need more of those.

Hazmat132340d ago

ya like that but less fantasy more warish ya know? man this sucks. lol

Lord_Sloth2339d ago

Agreed. Tis why I love Resident Evil: Degeneration and FFVII Advent Children. They have a serious style to them.

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