How Can 360 Win This Gen? Be More Like PS3

360 Magazine: Microsoft’s new unification plans will make a long-held dream a reality – and bring its features in line with the PS3...

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iamnsuperman2554d ago

The PS3 browser and the iplayer app really need an upgrade

dangert122554d ago

Two things would make me consider getting a 360 the most important to me will not happen


OllieBoy2554d ago

Since they upped the price of XBL and turned their back on most of their 1st-party studios, these two things won't happen anytime soon.

waltyftm2554d ago

I agree with the browser, but never had any problems with iplayer.

Dailynch2554d ago

Yeah, i don't even touch the browser anymore, but the iPlayer is pretty good. It's a lot more stable than 4OD on there, which continually seems to crash. But, maybe that's just me.

gamingdroid2554d ago

I don't know about the iPlayer, but the PS3 browser is next to useless beyond casual browsing with poor experience. Nothing works and it crashes all the time, even on Youtube that it is supposed to officially support.

rabidpancakeburglar2554d ago

Web browser, yes. Iplayer, no. The iplayer format you find on the PS3 is better than the one that you get using a computer.

Inside_out2554d ago

I don't get what the title has to do with what was written...doesn't matter.

M$ is on a roll so to stay ahead, they should be like those that are behind...O_o

M$ is fighting an up hill battle everywhere except in the states, it's home country. Out side of the US borders, there is a lot of dislike for the big American company, but to M$ credit, they keep plugging away. Look at the numbers from million???

Americans should start treating these foreign companies that way they treat their American companies...I'll tell you right now, Sony would be dead in the water. It is actually Americans that saved that company and the leadership lead by Americans that have kept the mess that Ken Kutaragi made from sinking them further.

Kur02554d ago

I feel bad for you. I really do.

Dailynch2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Umm, hello crazy person. Do you even know what Stockholm Syndrome is?

Not you Kur0, you Inside_out you mentalist

iamnsuperman2554d ago

"Out side of the US borders, there is a lot of dislike for the big American company". That is totally unture. US companies have big influences round the world. I live in the UK with major US companies owning major busniess for example Asda which is owned by wall mart. In gaming terms it isn't and east doesn't like western companies its because they haven't tailored their product to appeal to the japanease culture. They need to take a leaf out of Mcdonalds book who's menu is different depending on the culture. Nothing to do with non americans not liking big us companies. Those companies that do not do well in other markets haven't diversified effectively

Dailynch2554d ago

Don't let him get to you iamnsuperman, that guy's mental!

2554d ago
thelogicking2554d ago

and i wondered what was that smell!!
your post reeks with bullshit from 1000 articles away!

Drekken2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

I have no idea why this troll is still allowed to post on this website. I can't make it through his psychotic babble without wanting to smack him around. And honestly, how unintelligent do you have to be to be a pro-MS guy and use $ when you type their name? Do you even know why people put the dollar sign there? I hope you know its not because of high sales.

gamingdroid2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

The US is truly capitalistic and the US government does almost nothing to protect US interest. One glance at China and the entire story is spelled out, Baidu is given free passes while Google is essentially forced to pull out.

How many American cars do you see in Japan, yet in the US Toyota was (is?) number one.

For the most part US consumers are driven by competition, not by nationalism. There is one exception I have seen, like in MI where GM is heavily anchored and there are far more American cars on the road than Japanese.

Now, in terms of the gap between Sony and MS in Japan is enormous. That alone almost makes up the gap between them in the US! So it seems worldwide, they are far more similar in sales than people think.

I'm not into Japanese culture, but beyond the large loud box, I don't see what else MS could have done in Japan. Maybe that was the problem, the original Xbox had a poor imagine as a big ugly box and the Xbox 360 didn't exactly improve on it significantly, but now it was loud!

vyke32554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

the only reason why the 360 is outselling the PS3 in the US is because of mass advertising. M$ doesnt advertise the 360 outside of the US, because of that the 360 sells like crap outside of the US. and to prove that your point is 100% invalid, the PS2 outsold the the first xbox by a country mile in the US alone. And Windows is the highest selling software worldwide, even though it is made by M$ which is an American company.

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jimmins2554d ago

I agree with Superman. I don't think people don't buy Xbox because it's American; speaking as a Brit, that's just ridiculous.

spektical2554d ago

sony should talk to google, after all they are great partners, and get chrome as their console browser.

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