Two new Modern Warfare 3 screens shoot to kill

Activision has released two new screens for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. There are only two new shots so take your time when browsing through the Modern Warfare 3 screens gallery - if you fancy it you can also check out the three previously released screens.

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Miiikeyyy2498d ago

No offence, but it just looks like MW2.

FriedGoat2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

That because the important staffers don't work at infinity ward any more. They don't have the talent to improve upon what was done before. Activision will soon realise that the guys they fired were the moneymakers not the franchise. This is the year COD will fall, and I can't wait.

Miiikeyyy2498d ago

I can't wait too. There's milking and franchise and then there's what Activision has done with COD. It takes milking to a whole new level.

red2tango2498d ago

COD will not fail. I would wish it did so that they would make a new engine, but it won't. It's gotten too big to fail and even the horrible Black Ops won't affect MW3 at all.

Da_Evil_Monkey2498d ago

Not only does it look exactly like Modern Warfare 2, but the screenshots are at a higher resolution then in-game. They are 720p but CoD on Xbox and PS3 is 600p.

Quite disappointing. I was hoping they would improve the engine and graphics, and get back to the solid gameplay of CoD 4, but at the moment it seems they are improving nothing and going for the over-the-top action of MW2.

Raendom2498d ago

Yu blind brah? That is the best looking game in a long long time. PC version will make you jiyp (jizz in your pants)

FanboyPunisher2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

No, they are using smoke and mirror effects to make it look big and epic like BF3, sadly you'll still be limited to pathway level design.

Looks like COD4 Ship

TheGameFoxJTV2497d ago

I thought the exact same thing. and isn't that exact model used in CoD4?

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Hazmat132498d ago

looks epic. im just gonna get both MW3 ans BF3.

PRHB HYBRiiD2498d ago

oh come on IW show some mp gameplay i mean we see new BF3 gameplay everyday and still no mw3 just some pictures of some old footage :/ what's going on?

Nigma2498d ago

WOW..........look at the graphics....sigh!!

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